Current Investments

Making technology affordable for everyone
Purchase shares in private real estate investments
Jobbatical is a marketplace for one-year jobs around the world
Simscale is a web-based engineering simulation platform
Mediachain is an open, universal media library
Clue empowers people to understand their fertility through a cycle tracking app
Quizlet builds simple tools that let you study anything, anywhere
La Ruche connects farmers with people who want farm fresh food
OB1 is making trade free for everyone, everywhere
Pilot is a new kind of ISP.
Bringing a world-class visual recognition system to everyone
Dronebase is an on-demand drone services platform
Koko is a social network that actually calms your mind
Beautiful Cap Table Management
Casetext is a collaborative information-sharing network for lawyers and legal experts
Assembly is a community platform for building and running software products.
Veniam delivers the networking fabric for the Internet of Moving Things.
Blockstack Labs is a decentralized app platform for identity, naming, authentication and storage
Figure1 is a network of healthcare professionals sharing images and other content.
Amino is a mobile platform for passionate, niche communities.
CrowdRise is a crowdfunding platform for charitable giving.
Splice is a technology platform for musicians to better create, collaborate and share their work.
Onefootball is the most comprehensive football app for your smartphone.
SigFig is an investment management platform that helps investors better optimize their portfolio.
Science Exchange is an online marketplace for scientific services.
Human Dx enables and supports the development of the Human Diagnosis Project.
Coinbase is an easy-to-use Bitcoin wallet.
Circleup is a marketplace for investing in consumer products.
CloudFlare is helping to build a better Internet
YouNow is a live video social network.
Sift Science detects and prevents online fraud and abuse
Hailo is a mobile application for taxi e-hailing.
Funding Circle is a marketplace for small business loans.
Dwolla is a web and mobile cash-based network.
is Germany's largest platform for consumer peer-to-peer lending.
C2FO is a global marketplace for working capital transactions.
is the world's largest community of readers and writers.
Kik is a real-time mobile messaging application.
Skillshare is a community marketplace to learn anything from anyone.
Duolingo is a platform to learn languages while simultaneously translating the web.
DuckDuckGo is a search engine with instant answers, real privacy, and less clutter.
Codecademy is an interactive curriculum for learning how to code.
SoundCloud an online platform for sharing audio.
Work Market is an online marketplace for on-site temporary labor.
Stack Overflow is a network of question-and-answer communities.
is an online marketplace for 3D printed goods.
Edmodo is a social learning network for teachers, students, schools, and districts.
Twilio is an API for businesses building scalable communications applications.
Simulmedia is the leading provider of data-driven television solutions for national advertisers.
Kickstarter is a platform for funding creative projects.
is a mobile application that helps users explore their city.
Meetup is the world's largest network of local community groups.
MongoDB is the database for giant ideas
Zemanta is a Content DSP.
Yieldmo is a mobile advertising technology platform.
Return Path is building email intelligence products and services.
Disqus builds interconnected communities around online comment discussion.

Exited Investments

VHX is a video distribution platform.
Kitchensurfing is a marketplace of private chefs.
Firebase is a scalable real-time backend.
is a marketplace for people to give and get rides from their mobile phone.
Behance is an online platform to showcase and discover creative work.
Turntable creates social music experiences on the web.
Lending Club is an online marketplace for creditworthy borrowers and savvy investors.
Brewster is an address book for the twenty-first century.
Canvas is a community platform for drawing.
Tasty Labs built social software.
Heyzap is a mobile ad network for discovering new mobile apps.
Flurry is a suite of tools and services for mobile application developers.
helps companies understand and minimize supply chain risk.
Covestor is an online investment management platform.
Boxee is a platform for video consumption on connected devices.
Tumblr is a network of blogs for people to share the things they do, love, think and create.
Wesabe was a web-based tool that gave members a better understanding of how they spend money.
Zynga is a game studio for online and mobile social games. was a platform for local neighborhoods to share and discover information.
Clickable is the all-in-one solution for online advertising.
Twitter is a real-time information network.
Targetspot is an internet audio advertising network.
GetGlue is a social network for entertainment.
is an online marketplace for creative products made and sold by artisanal businesses.
Feedburner is a feed management service.
Oddcast was a viral marketing platform for agencies and brands.
Buglabs is the creator of an open source hardware and software platform.
Indeed is a vertical search engine for jobs.
Delicious is the world's leading social bookmarking service.
is a content discovery engine for business.
Tacoda provided behaviorally targeted online advertising services.