TACODA Raises $12 million

TACODA (that is now the official name of the company) announced that it recently closed on a round of $12 million that will allow it to continue expanding on the extraordinary success of its behavioral ad network TACODA Audience Networks™.

Union Square Ventures participated in the $12 million financing and increased its ownership as a result.

In addition to the announcement of the funding, TACODA released some interesting statistics on the growth of its TACODA Audience Networks business:

– In the past 90 days, the number of sites in the Network has tripled to more than 3,000.

– The number of monthly unique visitors reached has jumped to 130 million from 85 million.

– The number of monthly ad impressions has moved above 1 billion from about 300 million.

– Each week TACODA runs an average of nearly 80 campaigns compared to less than 40 just 3 months ago.

– Among the major advertisers who have run campaigns on TACODA Audience Networks™ behaviorally-driven online advertising network designed to give major advertisers targeted reach at a scale required for effective online branding campaigns are: Honda, Panasonic, Sprint Internet, ATT, Bell South, AOL, Capitol One, Delta, Allstate and Western Union.

We have had the pleasure of working with TACODA for the past four years, since its formation. And we are thrilled to see its business taking off. It’s a testament to the quality of the management team and the size of the behavioral targeting market.

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