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Is hardware or software the mobile differentiator?

The two qualities which have defined the mobile revolution: 1) an incredible set of sensors that transforms one’s environments into data and 2) all of the internet in your pocket. In other words, innovation in mobile hardware, and innovation in connected mobile services. Looking at the mobile device / apps marketplace, which of these will be the more powerful competitive vector?

When this topic sprung up in a USV email thread, at least one Google/Android devotee felt strongly that internet and cloud services would matter more and more as time goes on. One Apple/iOS devotee felt strongly that hardware would matter more.

But this is only partly an Apple vs. Google story.... ↓ expand

  • A blog post inspired by a few things:

  • It is not clear when the service might become more widely available but Amazon said the pilot was a “first step” towards allowing all Prime customers to order goods to their vehicles, regardless of the vehicle brand. “We are working to offer Prime members a delivery location... ↓ expand
  • I find myself thinking a lot about how different companies should be founded and funded. This is a first attempt at putting my thoughts together.

  • I find myself thinking a lot about how different companies should be founded and funded. This is a first attempt at putting my thoughts together.

  • Revisiting the idea that Bitcoin as a protocol looks a lot like SMTP

  • "One of the more interesting developments over the past few years is the emergence of managed marketplaces. The term means different things to different people, but I consider it a marketplace that not only connects buyers and sellers, but takes on additional parts of the value... ↓ expand
  • I find myself thinking a lot about how different companies should be founded and funded. This is a first attempt at putting my thoughts together.

  • Beyond new opportunities in reengineering existing Internet processes, I am also seeing opportunities in reimagining new open collaborative environments between, or on top of the existing Internet networks.

  • Jonathan, I loved a point you made in the recent newsletter about Self.Anti.Portfolio -- being more public about projects that didn't work. Other than emailing you back, I couldn't find "container" to respond/discuss. How about posting the newsletter here when you put it out... ↓ expand
  • I walk through the mast of an accelerator like YC. Read to the end before judging please :)

  • When I read about people like Justin Pulitzer (nothing against the guy personally) I worry that too many small time investors will get screwed by overactive investing chatter on social media. In response, I wrote a short guide to protecting yourself if you're getting investing... ↓ expand
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  • This is half-baked (by the author's own admission) but directionally it's spot on.

    We're entering a world of disembodied apps/brands/services/media outlets.

    Cameo by Andy.

  • Eloquently put

  • Put simply, one’s “value proposition” is the reason why your product works.

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  • An interesting look at how Google needs/wants the world of mobile to look in order maintain the dominance they launched on the desktop web

  • The old adage that the customer "is always right" isn't just not true, but operating on that belief may be counter to our goal in Customer Success of helping our customers achieve their Desired Outcome.

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  • The Great UI Flattening is complete: Most apps now look like glossy magazines. I think the way forward is art.

  • The case for hardware commodization

  • A fun read just to think about how we all thought about this five years ago

  • An ode to John Oliver, who has become perhaps the most important voice in tech policy. He shows us, again and again, how to take issues out of boring policy language and make them relatable. It's amazing really. Watch in the video how he gives snowden a "top secret" folder... ↓ expand
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  • Cryptocurrency provides an equivalent way to paying for things, but without actually paying for them with traditional currency. This also puts into question the concept of “revenues”, because accounting for revenues will get muddled with receiving a “right” instead of seeing... ↓ expand
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  • "LinX's technology uses software to extract depth information for each pixel to create a depth map for that can also be used for 3D image reconstruction. LinX's website is now defunct, but the company offered products with two, three, and four camera arrays in multiple... ↓ expand
  • "Which is that a device centric strategy is not a winning strategy in my mind. The big gains from technology in the coming years will come from things like machine learning and collective intelligence. Hardware and operating systems are important but to some extent a commodity... ↓ expand