Bethany Marz Crystal


Leveraging Company Engagement Across the USV Network

Across our active USV portfolio network of 70 companies, it’s highly likely that there’s at least one other person thinking about some of those same challenges. Our goal is to design an experience that makes it as easy as possible to find that individual and get your questions answered. Here’s how we leverage our network to forge meaningful connections for our 8,000+ portfolio network members.

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What we're thinking about

USV Investment Thesis

The core ideas driving USV's investment decisions.

The Blockchain App Stack

An emerging architecture for decentralized applications on the blockchain's shared data layer.

Digital Healthcare

How can the internet improve healthcare?


How do we make the big decisions that will determine success or failure?

Policy, Politics & Regulation

More than ever, what happens on the Internet intersects with law & politics.

Universal Basic Income

Unconditional basic income as a way to embrace automation and simplify benefits delivery.

Recent investments

Flip is the easiest way to sublet, get out of, or find a lease. Find thousands of flexible sublets in New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco.
goTenna's mesh networking platform decentralizes connectivity to increase scale, resiliency & access.
Top Hat’s interactive, cloud-based teaching platform enables professors to engage students inside and outside the classroom with compelling content, tools and activities.
Tucows creates simple, powerful services that unlock the power of the Internet.

Videos and talks

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Decentralization & The Knowledge Age