• When I talk about reducing churn through Customer Success Management, to really drive the point home I’ll mention both Customer Retention and Renewal. This always raises a few eyebrows (which is why I do it) and prompts the “wait, aren’t those the same?” question. They’re not…... ↓ expand
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  • The Messenger Platform isn't the new App Store, but Messenger for Business might be the new web

  • If you’ve ever had – or ever will have – turnover in your Customer Success Management organization, this article will help you improve the transition from one Customer Success Manager to another, ensuring your customers have a seamless, painless experience.

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  • Merkat might have been the biggest star of this year’s South By South West (SXSW) event in Austin, Texas. Just as quickly as it grew, it began to fizzle when Twitter launched Periscope a few days ago. It doesn’t matter to me, I’m sticking with Meerkat for one simple reason.

  • Check out my new blog post on YCombinator backed Kickback

  • Are we ready for fully automated transportation? How many more dramatic "accidents" caused by humans before we start to accept that people are the largest liability (and cause of death) when it comes to transportation? I'm of course thinking of the plane crash earlier this week... ↓ expand
  • Thinking back about some of the things i've done that have worked, and the many that haven't

  • I will be teaching a class in Reykjavik University this fall - How to Start a Startup - to inspire those taking the class that future awaits those who create it. To quote from Zero to One "In 1912, after he became the first explorer to reach the South Pole, Roald Amundsen wrote:... ↓ expand
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  • I wrote a public comment on the New York State proposed Bitlicense regulations

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  • good long post on The Verge about YouNow

  • Nice post from Mark Suster from his interview w Fred

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  • Really nice, succinct list of wishes for the bitcoin/blockchain ecosystem from the folks at coinbase

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  • nice piece in the NYT about Skillshare

  • Q. Why have hardware protocols been driven by dominant players but not software? A. This is a bit of tricky question, because even these hardware protocols have software inside of them, but that software is tightly coupled with a hardware function. So, it looks like hardware of... ↓ expand
  • Last friday was Startup Energy Reykjavik demo day and it is always inspiring to see the Founders pitch their companies. The highlight for me was the talk given by the President of Iceland. Read on to find out more...... ↓ expand
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  • What do you think about the startup scene in Mexico?

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  • Mike Masnick's opening statement for the newly launched Copia Institute which will work towards developing policies that fit w the age of abundance

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  • Building a support network is critical to your success as a founder. But its important to think about who you add as mentors, advisors and supporters.

  • What do you think about the startup scene in Mexico?

    #mexico #startup ecosystem
  • What do you think about the startup scene in Mexico?

    #mexico #startup ecosystem
  • IBM, the company that sold the nazis tracking technology to enslave and rob the jews, in talks with central banks to build a blockchain for real world currencies

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  • great post Brittany

  • What do you think about the startup scene in Mexico?

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  • 1) Write a "job description" for that ideal partner. 2) Network to find co-founders just as you network to find investors. 3) Join online "matchmaking" sites for business partners like https://www.cofounderslab.com/ 4) Attend local university entrepreneur activities. 5) Look for... ↓ expand