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Where protocols come from

Protocols play a vital role in computing, as well as a vast array of our online interactions. The device you’re reading on now has a USB connection; without it, your device couldn’t interoperate with other devices. You’ve probably sent an email to someone in the past hour; without the standard IMAP/SMTP protocol, you wouldn’t be able to send email to people who aren’t on Gmail.

While protocols make interoperability possible, and in fact many are governed by standards bodies, history shows that standards are often imposed by one dominant player. For example, Apple may have quietly invented the new standard for... ↓ expand

  • Check out my new blog post on YCombinator backed Kickback

  • Are we ready for fully automated transportation? How many more dramatic "accidents" caused by humans before we start to accept that people are the largest liability (and cause of death) when it comes to transportation? I'm of course thinking of the plane crash earlier this week... ↓ expand
  • Last friday was Startup Energy Reykjavik demo day and it is always inspiring to see the Founders pitch their companies. The highlight for me was the talk given by the President of Iceland. Read on to find out more...... ↓ expand
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  • What do you think about the startup scene in Mexico?

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  • I wrote a public comment on the New York State proposed Bitlicense regulations

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  • good long post on The Verge about YouNow

  • What do you think about the startup scene in Mexico?

    #mexico #startup ecosystem
  • What do you think about the startup scene in Mexico?

    #mexico #startup ecosystem
  • nice piece in the NYT about Skillshare

  • Q. Why have hardware protocols been driven by dominant players but not software? A. This is a bit of tricky question, because even these hardware protocols have software inside of them, but that software is tightly coupled with a hardware function. So, it looks like hardware of... ↓ expand
  • What do you think about the startup scene in Mexico?

    #mexico #startup ecosystem
  • 1) Write a "job description" for that ideal partner. 2) Network to find co-founders just as you network to find investors. 3) Join online "matchmaking" sites for business partners like 4) Attend local university entrepreneur activities. 5) Look for... ↓ expand
  • Mike Masnick's opening statement for the newly launched Copia Institute which will work towards developing policies that fit w the age of abundance

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  • Building a support network is critical to your success as a founder. But its important to think about who you add as mentors, advisors and supporters.

  • I am still on the hunt for companies that help the 90% with their finances

  • I was terribly depressed when I could not get a job in Iceland after the financial collapse not because I was not qualified but because I was not Icelandic. It is a hard pill to swallow. Iceland has a racial discrimination problem, there I have said it. Rather than running away,... ↓ expand
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  • IBM, the company that sold the nazis tracking technology to enslave and rob the jews, in talks with central banks to build a blockchain for real world currencies

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  • great post Brittany

  • We might be on the verge of true crowdfunding, i.e., backing a Kickstarter/crowdfuned project in exchange for equity

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  • Off-Chain transactions allow for the immediate transfer of Cryptocurrency between two parties, without delays or unavoidable transaction fees. Such capabilities are critical for mainstream Cryptocurrency adaption. They allow for the “Coffee-Coin Criteria”; under which a customer... ↓ expand
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  • This is as good as it gets for cutting through it all to understand marketing as part of a continuum from core belief to point of sale.

    This was shot a month or so after his return to Apple in 1977. Genius comes rarely. To me, he is the one that has guided my career.

  • some thoughts on the Clinton Email Affair

  • some legal definition.

  • Last year saw the birth of many new commercial endeavors aimed at taking advantage of the widespread commercialization of space to expand the number of low Earth orbit Earth observation satellite constellations. Satellogic ( recently announced plans for a... ↓ expand
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