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Universal Basic Income

Simultaneously, technology and information are radically reducing the cost of production and distribution of goods and services, and also reducing demand in many sectors of the labor force. Over time, continued automation may further reduce manufacturing & distribution costs, while continuing to reduce the need for human labor. While new jobs will certainly be created, we may ultimately see a massive net... ↓ expand

  • I am participating in an ongoing interview on net neutrality on ReplyAll today On a meta level: the reply all interview format is pretty neat. Questions and answers are lobbed in over time, just like an email conversation, and published as such on the web. There is something... ↓ expand
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  • Notation Capital just raised $8 million for pre-seed activity in NYC. Brooklyn Bridge Ventures is doing something similar. Is this a smart investment model? I wrote an article sharing my thoughts on pre-seed investing and their business models. I'd love to hear from more... ↓ expand
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  • In a recent conversation with a CTO colleague & I were discussing scalability. He said "Agile is not right for performance issues". I agree with him & here's why.

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  • Interesting conversation on Twitter after I tweeted about finally reading the the great Below the Jobs API post that made its way around the internet a few days ago. I was struck by this passage in the post: Once you introduce the software layer between ‘management’ (Uber’s... ↓ expand
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  • Extra points for the pun in the subheading: "How Anonymous Customization and Notifications are killing it"

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  • The Internet has its roots in decentralized design, which have been forgotten over the years.

  • Startup funding appears plentiful in 2015, but how accessible is it for those not living in Silicon Valley? Do startup founders need to consider taking the leap and moving to the Valley, or has technology made San Francisco irrelevant for the majority of investors and... ↓ expand
  • Netflix strikes a data cap exemption deal w an ISP in australia

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  • I blog entirely about basic income and focus on frequently asked questions about the idea.

  • Yesterday the NASDAQ ($QQQ) hit 5000. Hasn’t been here in 15 years. My friend Brian Lund had a nice write up about the differences between 2000 and 2015. The tech market hitting highs made me think about the other end of the market. The end where the company is just starting... ↓ expand
  • I think that the US government policies like Sarbox, Dodd-Frank, and policies on dividends and corporate taxes, hurt the United States general public exponentially more than private investors deciding to invest their private money in private companies.

  • Facebook now enables Anonymous Login so that your personal information is never shared with Facebook. Interesting how identity is now more often used as a utility than a social instrument.

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  • After a month of labor of's the most complete and public database of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency related companies.

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  • i wrote a quick post about this today. i think this is very interesting in a number of ways and listed a few of them

  • I can't help but disagree with the logic of this article. Angels don’t expect liquidity that early, and they are supposed to be high net worth individuals, so even if they lost it all, so what? The difference between 2000 and now is that in 2000, it wasn’t just 225K people that... ↓ expand
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  • My friend Susan Mravca of wrote a piece on gender and tech

  • Yep

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  • We are launching a topic-based messenger, Trigger. Explore interesting content and discuss with your friends. The app lets you trigger multiple topic-based DMs making conversations more elegant. It also has a Reddit-like flow but for messaging.

  • If we were to do a poll, most business analysts would probably have no trouble identifying what a traceability matrix is. Also, most would probably say they don’t use it as often as they should. I feel your pain: If your project includes several thousand requirements, dealing... ↓ expand
  • Everyone is talking about how we are in a bubble. I decided to chime in. Would love feedback from the community.

  • A great writeup about how/why GitHub has become the force that it is today (network effects)

  • Matthew from Cloudflare on Net Neutrality

  • My take on the risks and rewards of early stage venture capital intertwined with stories of my own experience trying to launch bottle rockets as a youngster. Sometimes you get burned, but sometimes you launch one into the stratosphere.

  • Love the idea of an anti smartphone

    Since Jonathan's post last week on texting I have been thinking a lot about firefox OS and how that might power a different kind of mobile experience.

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