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Will Every App Be a Video App?

Periscope, YouNow, Meerkat, Snapchat Discover, Facebook News, YouTube for Kids and on and on. There is a lot happening in video right now.

It may just be that the planets are aligning for video. Bandwidth was a constraint in the first decade or so of the web, and we’ve had high-quality, near bufferless video on the desktop for some time. It’s only recently that network connections have been reliable enough to allow video to thrive on mobile, and that’s probably why we’re seeing so much being done in this space now.

In some ways it seems like video is a category unto its own. Text and images flow together on the web and in apps, but if you’ve got a video in your interface,... ↓ expand

  • On Facebook shutting down their XMPP server

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  • A blog post inspired by a few things:

  • Did anyone see this film? I can't believe that I didn't hear about it screening here in NYC, where in late April it won an award at the Tribeca film festival.

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  • The unbundling of the full stack startup. Where instead of being good at many things, companies can just focus on the last mile of value they provide, the one thing they can excel at better than anyone else. Maybe this should be called the No Stack Startup - services that can... ↓ expand
  • It is not clear when the service might become more widely available but Amazon said the pilot was a “first step” towards allowing all Prime customers to order goods to their vehicles, regardless of the vehicle brand. “We are working to offer Prime members a delivery location... ↓ expand
  • Revisiting the idea that Bitcoin as a protocol looks a lot like SMTP

  • What are SDRs and Account Executives doing that upset their sales leadership the most? Here are 5 answers from rising stars in the Inside Sales world.

  • It seems almost silly that startups wouldn’t leverage what these powerful building blocks companies offer.

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  • "One of the more interesting developments over the past few years is the emergence of managed marketplaces. The term means different things to different people, but I consider it a marketplace that not only connects buyers and sellers, but takes on additional parts of the value... ↓ expand
  • Jonathan, I loved a point you made in the recent newsletter about Self.Anti.Portfolio -- being more public about projects that didn't work. Other than emailing you back, I couldn't find "container" to respond/discuss. How about posting the newsletter here when you put it out... ↓ expand
  • While Twitter is the first actor here, it’s easy to see how the same logic can be transplanted to other websites. Brands will be able to market themselves not only with native ads, but inline products that contain purchase functionality. Of further importance are platforms like... ↓ expand
  • To Fred Wilson, STEM Magazine is interested in your New York tech. efforts. We would like to provide electronic issues to every school in greater New York with some USV content to address your goals and objectives, with unlimited distribution. A recent issue that include coding... ↓ expand
  • This is half-baked (by the author's own admission) but directionally it's spot on.

    We're entering a world of disembodied apps/brands/services/media outlets.

    Cameo by Andy.

  • Ask USV: I understand Uber would want to control what folks do with their API and setting minimal standards for vehicles drivers. can Uber hid behind term of service to ban an additional revenue streams that Uber does not get a cut of ads such as Stand ? Is that interfering... ↓ expand
  • Investment rounds are an essential part of the startup investment journey. If you are a new investor in the startup marketplace, then you will need to quickly familiarize yourself with each round. You will encounter them progressively as you negotiate a deal either with a... ↓ expand
  • Eloquently put

  • I detest all the instances in which both funders and founders interact with empty cross-selling statements without engaging in a real conversation.

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  • I am running an online clothing store from past several years, but didn't get expected success. Then, I found this blog, sharing 10 exclusive tips to get success in Fashion eCommerce Industry.

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  • Get Advance Outlook OST to PST Recovery software which is a remarkable application for repairing and recovering OST data into Outlook. With the help of this tool you can smartly remove all bugs from corrupted/ damaged Offline OST file in addition to convert Outlook OST to PST... ↓ expand
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  • The old adage that the customer "is always right" isn't just not true, but operating on that belief may be counter to our goal in Customer Success of helping our customers achieve their Desired Outcome.

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  • An ode to John Oliver, who has become perhaps the most important voice in tech policy. He shows us, again and again, how to take issues out of boring policy language and make them relatable. It's amazing really. Watch in the video how he gives snowden a "top secret" folder... ↓ expand
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  • EDB, it stands for Exchange Database. Microsoft Exchange Server is an important application mainly used for business purposes. It stores all files in the format of .edb or .stm. And stores all mailbox data files such as contacts, tasks, calendars, notes, meetings, emails,... ↓ expand
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