• Epic post on the state of the internet, advertising, venture capital and more

  • On delivering distinctly human services at a superhuman pace

  • "But there is something different about the web. Its underlying standard, HTTP, allows for the existence of a user-agent commonly known as a web browser. The beauty of a browser is that it can truly represent its user. If I don’t want to see ads I can instruct my browser to... ↓ expand
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  • On the heals of the NYC coding initiative this week...

  • Making the case for new aggregators to deliver services that don't need apps, and why that might actually reduce the current App Store hegemony

  • "Control over software distribution has never been so tightly restricted in the history of commercial computing."

  • I recall meeting Perry Chen for the first time in the old USV offices on the 14th floor back in 2009 shortly after Kickstarter launched. He and his partners Yancey and Charles were onto something, I was sure of that. But they wanted to do things differently. He told me that... ↓ expand
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  • "Conventional wisdom holds that intricately designed mobile apps are an essential part of most new consumer technology services. But there are signs people are getting apped out. While the amount of time U.S. smartphone users spend with apps continues to increase, the number of... ↓ expand
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