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Universal Basic Income

Simultaneously, technology and information are radically reducing the cost of production and distribution of goods and services, and also reducing demand in many sectors of the labor force. Over time, continued automation may further reduce manufacturing & distribution costs, while continuing to reduce the need for human labor. While new jobs will certainly be created, we may ultimately see a massive net... ↓ expand

  • The Internet has its roots in decentralized design, which have been forgotten over the years.

  • I blog entirely about basic income and focus on frequently asked questions about the idea.

  • Microsoft's new browser looks interesting.

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  • Yesterday the NASDAQ ($QQQ) hit 5000. Hasn’t been here in 15 years. My friend Brian Lund had a nice write up about the differences between 2000 and 2015. The tech market hitting highs made me think about the other end of the market. The end where the company is just starting... ↓ expand
  • After a month of labor of's the most complete and public database of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency related companies.

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  • Someone posted today a link about Tinder. I wanted to expand on my comments and talk about how Tinder is viewed among the IAC portfolio.

  • We the people petition for UBI is 55 signatures shy of its goal, w 3 weeks remaining

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  • i wrote a quick post about this today. i think this is very interesting in a number of ways and listed a few of them

  • Yep

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  • This article goes into the economic savings possible through basic income with the analogy of a vaccine. Just as an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, an ounce of basic income is worth a pound of detrimental consequences to society we see as a result of people not... ↓ expand
  • With over 23,000 subscribers so far, the basic income community on Reddit has collected thousands of links about basic income, and can be considered the "Front Page" for discussion about basic income on the Internet.

  • We are launching a topic-based messenger, Trigger. Explore interesting content and discuss with your friends. The app lets you trigger multiple topic-based DMs making conversations more elegant. It also has a Reddit-like flow but for messaging.

  • A great writeup about how/why GitHub has become the force that it is today (network effects)

  • This is the first and most widely read and shared post I've published to Medium so far. It goes into all the reasons a basic income could potentially improve capitalism to something more like Capitalism 2.0.

  • All of Albert's posts on Basic Income

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  • Matthew from Cloudflare on Net Neutrality

  • But the most interesting thing here is in its standalone forums, which represent the first time Disqus has hosted discussions away from its core widget. The first two forums are for fashion and movies; you can join any of the discussions there or create your own. It feels a bit... ↓ expand
  • Spain's main tax collecting body is planning to use information available through social networks such as Twitter and Facebook to spy on people it believes are involved in financial fraud.

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  • Following on Jonathan's post on the future of txts

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  • Now-a-days, mobile commerce plays a very important role in making your business successful. For businesses of across the world, it is important that they adopt this trend otherwise they can risk their business. Go through this blog and know importance of mobile commerce in near... ↓ expand
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  • Widely reported Tinder's plan for monetization: Should we expect to see companies that lack a direct path to monetization through traditional web app methods (advertising, user information sales, content... ↓ expand
  • real talk: "To put the above more plainly, any instance of a blockchain and its underlying tokens are inextricably bound together. The token provides the fuel for the blockchain to operate, and the blockchain provides consensus on who owns which tokens. No amount of engineering... ↓ expand
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