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No Stack Startups

Many of you have probably read Andy’s latest post, “No Stack Startups”. Here at USV we’ve been following this remarkable but counterintuitive trend: e-commerce businesses sprouting up on non-commerce platforms: Instagram, Facebook, WeChat and on and on.

This trend seems to defy the “there’s an app for that” notion of the internet. If you’re selling some good, Instagram is not an app for that. Yet the network effects are so strong, and the traffic so robust, on platforms like Instagram that there’s opportunity to build a business even if the interaction model isn’t optimized for commerce. Maybe “follow... ↓ expand

  • Raises a good question. "We are once again living in a go-go time for tech, but there are few signs that the most consequential fruits of the boom have reached the masses. Instead, the boom is characterized by a rise in so-called on-demand services aimed at the wealthy and the... ↓ expand
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  • How an Startup is changing the way to trade everything without use the money. Cronnection, a Marketplace where money is not required to access to a worldwide catalog of objects and services.

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  • More on how open standards like HTTP, SMTP, oAuth, bitcoin, etc come to be -- with a focus on the politics and go-to-market strategy rather than the technical architecture. We've been discussing this topic whole lot recently, with all the activity right now in the open protocols... ↓ expand
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  • "We Just Wanna Get Started” Famous Last Words from Too Many First Time Entrepreneurs

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  • Trying to imagine a web that focuses more on the open data layer and less on the presentation layer

  • Halley Elefante of @The_Salty_Blonde admits that she doesn’t want to commit the time to maintaining a blog. Says the Oahu, Hawaii, resident: “Blogs are a ton of work! I just kept putting it off for so long, and put all of my time and energy into my Instagram account.” That... ↓ expand
  • A relatively quick write-up on a great use of SMS and some not so great uses

  • It's that time of year

  • Veniam in Fast Company

  • Good blog post/tutorial on how to use Clarifai's API in an interesting way

  • will they come is a phrase that won't get you very far unless you understand or know how to build a marketplace. Come hangout at this new e-commerce focused meetup. Have a beer after work too.

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  • "I believe that the emergence of these multi-platform and bus topologies in marketing technology is a logical result of weak platforms. In the absence of a solid center of gravity for marketing innovation, these other models have been given the evolutionary opportunity to... ↓ expand
  • albert's take on the no stack approach

  • It's just an article, but I find it hard to think I'd be a fan of Marc Andreessen from this depiction. Furthermore, Andy Weissman's quote embodies the kind of character I gel with a bit more. They're just two dudes. And, again, this is just an article with a singular... ↓ expand
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  • Users, entrepreneurs, and investors are harnessing bitcoin’s “workaday utility” in Argentina, a place where bitcoin is arguably more widespread among everyday people than anywhere else. What conditions led to this? Is it indicative of what may happen someplace else? Or is it... ↓ expand
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  • How often do you hear the term “Social Selling” and either can’t figure out what it actually means or just want to call shenanigans on it? You know you’re not going to close a six-figure deal on Twitter, right? That’s not reality. But that doesn’t mean that Twitter (or any... ↓ expand
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  • Some nice insights, especially for someone like me who invokes WeChat 1000 times more than I have ever used the app I particularly like: "Using a chat app to hail a cab with your phone is cool, but at the end of the day the killer feature of WeChat will always be its ability to... ↓ expand
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  • Experimenting with different communication hacks

  • The follow-up post to last week's article on Big Data's impact on inside sales coaching. We take a broadview look at Big Data's potential to combat the employee disengagement epidemic in the workplace.

  • You Probably Forgot to Do This.

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  • On Facebook shutting down their XMPP server

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  • A blog post inspired by a few things:

  • As digital marketers spread their attention across a wide variety of technology solutions, having a powerful and scalable technology at the core of the marketing stack, means having one-click access to all the information you need to make confident decisions and act upon them in... ↓ expand
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  • Long essay. In short, Ethereum may prove to be a lot easier for developers wishing to create decentralized applications, because it has absorbed a lot of the complexities onto itself.

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