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Head Fakes and How to Avoid Them


this line from this post has been running around my head all night long

"Meerkat's popularity is sliding because its hype got ahead of its actual traction"

So, this week we will look back at the history of head fakes on the web, and try to parse out some lessons...

  • Jonathan, I loved a point you made in the recent newsletter about Self.Anti.Portfolio -- being more public about projects that didn't work. Other than emailing you back, I couldn't find "container" to respond/discuss. How about posting the newsletter here when you put it out... ↓ expand
  • This is half-baked (by the author's own admission) but directionally it's spot on.

    We're entering a world of disembodied apps/brands/services/media outlets.

    Cameo by Andy.

  • Have you got corruption in SQL Server Master database and unable to access the MDF file as well as searching a best and recommended way to recover SQL database, then must try a graceful SQL recovery software which recover SQL Server database corrupt MDF files with all inner and... ↓ expand
  • How to Find and Close Startups That Need Office Space

  • Eloquently put

  • The old adage that the customer "is always right" isn't just not true, but operating on that belief may be counter to our goal in Customer Success of helping our customers achieve their Desired Outcome.

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  • 6 Startup Founders from Iceland who have made meaningful impact to the local startup ecosystem will share their storey during Startup Iceland 2015. Read on to learn more...

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  • To make your online customer happy and satisfied in this competitive online business market, is not a simple task. But live chat software can reduce this bur-done very much. It allow you to handle multiple online customer in one instant and also help to track your potential... ↓ expand
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  • The Great UI Flattening is complete: Most apps now look like glossy magazines. I think the way forward is art.

  • An ode to John Oliver, who has become perhaps the most important voice in tech policy. He shows us, again and again, how to take issues out of boring policy language and make them relatable. It's amazing really. Watch in the video how he gives snowden a "top secret" folder... ↓ expand
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  • Indian capital city Delhi TRAFFIC Police receives over 85,000 complaints on WhatsApp on Traffic complaints relating to obstructive parking, traffic jam, traffic violation, defective traffic signals, breakdown of vehicles, misbehave/ refusal/ overcharging by auto drivers 25... ↓ expand
  • Three Reasons to Add Startups to Your Portfolio Today:



    -Impact investing

  • Cryptocurrency provides an equivalent way to paying for things, but without actually paying for them with traditional currency. This also puts into question the concept of “revenues”, because accounting for revenues will get muddled with receiving a “right” instead of seeing... ↓ expand
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  • The rise of one touch buttons for common actions.

  • "What do you do if someone is paying for features they don't use?"

    This article answers that question

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  • For some of these emerging blockchain companies, I often ask, "Why does this need to be on the blockchain?" And several times the answer has come down to a promise: Because it's built on top of a Blockchain protocol, the company is making a promise to potential users and... ↓ expand
  • I was selected to attend Patriot Boot Camp Presented by Techstars that is happening in NYC April 17-19 2015. I need help getting there and have a Tilt project in order to raise the funds to get there.

  • Nice post looking at the impact of "catalyzing events" on growth of a new service. This has long been one of my favorite ideas -- that you can use an outside event (often paired with a micro site) to help introduce a new service and explain what it is through a concrete... ↓ expand
  • very impressive that google seized the web platform, developed android to ensure its position, and now is at the forefront of VR, the next potential disruptive platform.

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  • Pitching your #startup in 30 seconds

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  • When I talk about reducing churn through Customer Success Management, to really drive the point home I’ll mention both Customer Retention and Renewal. This always raises a few eyebrows (which is why I do it) and prompts the “wait, aren’t those the same?” question. They’re not…... ↓ expand
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  • The Messenger Platform isn't the new App Store, but Messenger for Business might be the new web

  • "But I do not think that open is at all inevitable. There is no inexorable pendulum motion...The pendulum will swing where someone pushes it."