Joining Union Square Ventures

Some of you in the USV network might know me. My USV journey started in March 2021. I worked on the USV climate fund while doing my MBA. This month, I'm officially joining the investment team full-time in New York. [...]  Read more

USV Algorand Transparency Statement, Q3 2021

As part of an ongoing effort to bring transparency and clarity to the Algorand project, we are continuing to publish regular transparency statements on our Algorand holdings and activities. Entities and financial relationships: USV has made its investment in Algorand, [...]  Read more

Sofar Ocean’s Series B

Co-authored by Rebecca Kaden There are over 4,000 satellites in orbit around the Earth today. Enabled by advances in IoT and distributed sensing in the last few decades, these satellites help us do everything from GPS navigation to weather forecasting. [...]  Read more

Fiveable’s Series A

Co-authored by Rebecca Kaden Inequities in our education system are well-documented.  High-quality instructors, college prep classes, and affordable test prep materials are unevenly distributed.   However, learners in today’s classrooms don’t have time to wait for systemic change.  Educational equity [...]  Read more


Increased mobility is one of the great accomplishments of the industrial age. We can get to places much faster whether it is for work, to visit friends and family, for sightseeing, or to participate in an event. Those gains, however, [...]  Read more


The original paparazzi is thought to be Tazio Secchiaroli, famous for his 1958 photograph of King Farouk of Egypt sitting in a cafe in Rome with two women, neither of them his wife. The former King tried to break Secchiaroli’s [...]  Read more