Today we’re excited to announce our investment in Chamber, a new service for securely holding digital assets. One of the challenges for crypto adoption is the perception that it is unsafe. Research by Pew found “75% of Americans who have [...]  Read more

Daybreak’s Series B

Over the last several years, USV has built out both our thesis and portfolio around tackling the mental health crisis. Our investments have broadly broken down into three groups: Broadening access to care by making it easier to find, receive, [...]  Read more

Mind the Storage Gap

Co-authored with Mark Khalil Deployment of renewables has been accelerating globally. In 2022, around 12% of electricity came from wind and solar, compared to less than 3% a decade ago. These resources offer access to low-cost clean energy – but [...]  Read more

Hallucinations as a feature, not a bug

Co-authored with Grace Carney A few months ago Fred kicked off a conversation about what the “native” applications of AI technology will be. What are the new things or businesses that we can now build that weren’t possible before the [...]  Read more

Tutors for Everyone

In 2009 we hosted a one day event we called "Hacking Education." We brought together a diverse group that included game designers, principals from schools, and even homeschoolers. We were fortunate to have the late Sir Ken Robinson give opening [...]  Read more

The Historic Fund

We are proud to announce our participation in the Historic Fund, a new initiative supporting HBCUs in the United States. We have invited a number of HBCUs to be limited partners in venture capital funds without having to invest their [...]  Read more