Crypto, Social?

When you really think about it, isn’t crypto kind of an amazing platform to build social products on? Crypto is public, global and gamified by default, and commerce, identity and ownership are all built in from the get go. (How [...]  Read more

A Social Resurgence

We have recently gotten excited about several new emerging social networks and platforms. While the competition for prolonged attention only gets fiercer and the network effects in the dominant players remain strong, there is also fresh consumer appetite for creative [...]  Read more

2020 Analyst Recruiting is Complete!

After reviewing 345 applications, interviewing 30 candidates, and inviting 11 to meet us in person, we are excited to announce that we have 3 incredible analysts joining USV in the coming weeks. We recognize that our process is a bit [...]  Read more


We have known Justworks founder Isaac Oates since he led the creation of Etsy's payment system a decade ago. When Isaac left Etsy and started Justworks, we were not sure his company fit into our network thesis and so we [...]  Read more

USV and the Climate Crisis

As we start a new decade it is worth examining our investment thesis. We continue to be convinced that our current focus on broadening access to knowledge, capital and wellbeing will help us surface promising opportunities. There is, however, also [...]  Read more