Exploring Geothermal

This is one of several posts on new areas we are exploring for USV's Climate Fund. Geothermal energy has massive potential: just 0.1% of the Earth’s heat content could supply humanity’s total energy needs for two million years. Geothermal power [...]  Read more

Mitigating the Climate Crisis: An Overview

Late last year, we announced the USV Climate Fund. At the time, we wrote that “[m]itigation is working on the causes of the climate crisis through either emissions reduction or drawdown of existing greenhouse gases from the atmosphere.” In today’s [...]  Read more

SmartHop’s Series A

The trucking industry is one of the oldest and most interesting in the US. It is also one I’ve always been fascinated by--partly because, for a couple of generations, it was where my family made their living. My paternal great [...]  Read more

USV 2021 Fund

We are pleased to announce that USV has raised a 2021 Core Fund with commitments of $250 million. This Core Fund will complement our new Climate Fund and existing Opportunity Fund. This will be USV’s seventh early-stage venture fund since [...]  Read more


Key to addressing the climate crisis is changing the balance in the so-called carbon cycle. At present, every year we are adding roughly 5 gigatons of carbon to the atmosphere*. Since atmospheric carbon acts as a greenhouse gas this increases [...]  Read more