USV Algorand Transparency Statement, Q4 2019

As part of an ongoing effort to bring transparency and clarity to the Algorand project, we are publishing the first of what will become regular transparency statements on our Algorand holdings and activities. Entities and financial relationships: USV's has made [...]  Read more

Patch Homes, A Modern Finance Company

In 2006 my friends Mia and Andre (pseudonyms) bought their dream garden apartment in Harlem for $500K. They had rented in New York for a decade and bought the apartment expecting to make it their home indefinitely. They initially financed [...]  Read more

Announcing Abridge

White walls. You’re sitting on the hospital bed with that paper crinkling under you every time you shift around. It’s harder to focus on what the doctor is saying. The doctor just said the words “blood thinners” and your thoughts [...]  Read more

Blockstack Reg A Token Sale

Our portfolio company Blockstack is the first company to have received qualification from the SEC to sell a crypto token in an offering to the general public. The Reg A Stacks token sale is now live and you can learn [...]  Read more


Museums are a wonderful way to see art and to make art accessible to the public. On the opposite spectrum of accessibility are private collections, locked away in the homes, or sometimes simply the storage facilities, of collectors. Even for [...]  Read more