Synchronous Entertainment

It's kind of sad that HQ Trivia, a mobile live game show, is no longer running. This should be its moment. Much of the world has spent the last week quarantined in their homes and are unable to watch live [...]  Read more

Joining USV

Hi everyone!  I’m a new analyst at USV and am incredibly excited to be a part of the team.  Joining from Google[X], I most recently supported emerging technologies through all stages of development - from stealth user testing to financing [...]  Read more

David @ USV

I’m joining Union Square Ventures as an analyst on the investment team. It's already been an adventure as I'm transitioning into the role while the world deals with Covid-19. I’ll be digging into USV’s thesis that networks broadening access to [...]  Read more

Joining Union Square Ventures

I’m very excited to be joining Union Square Ventures as an analyst.  I’m coming from Insight Partners, a growth-stage fund located about 20 blocks north of USV.  Insight was an invaluable education in sourcing; I spent most of my time [...]  Read more

Crypto, Social?

When you really think about it, isn’t crypto kind of an amazing platform to build social products on? Crypto is public, global and gamified by default, and commerce, identity and ownership are all built in from the get go. (How [...]  Read more

A Social Resurgence

We have recently gotten excited about several new emerging social networks and platforms. While the competition for prolonged attention only gets fiercer and the network effects in the dominant players remain strong, there is also fresh consumer appetite for creative [...]  Read more