Electrifying Buildings

This is one of several posts on new areas we are exploring for USV’s Climate Fund. Electrifying buildings will play a critical role in managing our carbon budget.  Nearly 18% of global greenhouse gas emissions are attributed to powering residential [...]  Read more

Scaling Ethereum with zkSync

Ethereum has grown into an incredibly rich ecosystem, demonstrating the network effects that are possible when you combine wallets, developers, assets, liquidity, and layered protocols.  As a result, we are getting our first glimpses of what the web will look [...]  Read more


Co-authored by Hanel Baveja While we are not the first to point this out, access to capital in Latin America remains a massive challenge. Financial infrastructure and tools are concentrated on the top earners, excluding the majority of the population [...]  Read more


For most of USV’s history, we focused on investments in North America and Europe. We are a small firm and there was more than enough opportunity in these regions. We also gravitated towards companies where it would be relatively easy [...]  Read more

Tokenized Natural Assets

This is one of several posts on new areas we are exploring for USV’s Climate Fund. Natural resources such as fertile land and healthy oceans are the ultimate foundations of the economy and civilization, and their protection and regrowth are [...]  Read more

Joining Union Square Ventures

I am delighted to join Union Square Ventures as General Counsel. I am joining the team at an exciting moment. We are pursuing many complex investments across our web and mobile, crypto and climate platforms; our team is thinking hard [...]  Read more