goTenna Series C

We are excited that Founders Fund has led a Series C financing for goTenna. It is a recognition of the tremendous progress the company has made in serving the communication needs of first responders and other professionals. The goTenna Prooffering works with mobile phones [...]  Read more

Why USV is Joining the Libra Association

A new blockchain & cryptocurrency project, Libra, was announced today. Libra has been incubated by Facebook.  USV will be one of the founding members of the governing body, the Libra Association.  Libra is a stable, fiat-backed cryptocurrency that will launch inside [...]  Read more


One of the pillars of USV’s investment thesis 3.0 is “broadening access to capital”, and we often get asked what we mean by that.  While “capital” includes financial capital, we have always meant it more broadly, to include human capital, technology infrastructure [...]  Read more


Those of you who have followed our history may remember that it was a shared angel investment in Dave Morgan’s pioneering Internet advertising company, TACODA, that led to the formation of Union Square Ventures, so we are doubly pleased to [...]  Read more

Trusted Brands

We recently held our annual CEO summit where 65 of our portfolio company CEOs came together in NYC. Because we had updated our thesis since last year’s summit, we wanted to share some of our thinking with the group around trusted brands, [...]  Read more

Welcoming Outschool to USV

In the last 25 years, the growth and increased convenience of commercial internet has fundamentally changed how we live most aspects of our lives. It has created new ways for us to connect and transact, and it has turned massive [...]  Read more