The proliferation of generative AI has opened up a brand new frontier of exploration for consumer internet entrepreneurs, particularly those looking to build new types of networks around social media and communications.  When we talk about social media as it [...]  Read more

Joining Union Square Ventures

I am delighted to share that I have joined USV as a Venture Partner in NYC where I will lead new investments, help to support founders in our portfolio, and work with the USV team as we evolve our thesis.  [...]  Read more

NFTs Have Evolved, NFTs Endure

USV started playing with NFTs in 2017. First when Rare Pepes were starting to gain some niche popularity and then again when cryptokitties launched. Shortly after that exploration, we invested in the team behind cryptokitties and wrote: We think digital [...]  Read more

Web3 Compensation and Hiring

This post was co-written with Tom Dils and Calder Zwerling. A version of the post also appears on the Variant website Earlier this year, Variant and USV conducted an extensive web3 compensation survey of our portfolio companies. Our goals were [...]  Read more

Making Energy Programmable

We’ve previously written about the storage gap. The proliferation of solar has led to an abundance of energy when the sun is out and a dearth when it’s not. Batteries help address this gap by storing excess energy in times [...]  Read more