Alife’s Series A

Fertility treatment today is largely a blunt object approach to a highly personal moment. It begins with a one size fits most process designed to be adjusted on the edges over a series of cycles–for most women, 3-5. The good [...]  Read more


USV’s Climate Thesis is to invest in companies and projects that provide mitigation for or adaptation to the climate crisis. One important way that we can both mitigate and adapt to the climate crisis is to use more nuclear energy. [...]  Read more


For the original web to be widely adopted, people needed a web browser. This seems trivial today as every new computing device comes preloaded with one or more browsers. But early on this was a chicken and egg problem. There [...]  Read more


As my partner Brad noted in 2019, the first generation of the internet (aka “Web 1”) was built as a “stateless” system.  In other words, data packets could be moved around the network, but the network itself couldn’t store them [...]  Read more

Mundi’s Series A

Co-authored by John Buttrick. Each year, Mexico exports over $325 billion of goods to the US alone. However, SMEs represent only a tiny fraction – just 10% – of this massive business opportunity. This is largely structural, as SMEs have [...]  Read more