Bright Moments DAO

Yesterday, USV sent 500 ETH to the Bright Moments DAO and we got back one million Bright Moments DAO (BRT) tokens into our wallet. This is the third time USV has invested in a DAO and we will blog about [...]  Read more

Measurement in Market Making

In order to provide high-powered incentives in any economic market, you need an accurate and ongoing measurement of quality. For example, it’s difficult to imagine a financial system in which capital market participants cannot review audited financial statements before making [...]  Read more

Dune Analytics

The amount of invention and creativity happening in crypto is head-spinning.  Countless projects, protocols, apps, tokens, and communities are launching, layering, merging, forking and growing every day.  It’s a lot to keep up with. Fortunately, blockchains are (mostly) public data [...]  Read more


In the US, medium and heavy duty trucks account for 70% of all freight transport and 6.5% of all GHG emissions. While emerging technologies like battery electric and hydrogen fuel cells have the potential to help decarbonize this sector, they [...]  Read more


Electrification of transportation, heating, and various industrial processes is crucial to fighting the climate crisis. Of course that’s only true if we wind up generating that electricity without carbon emissions. Renewable energy, including wind, hydro and solar will play a [...]  Read more