Co-authored by Mona Emissions reduction alone is not enough to address the climate crisis. Carbon removal is an essential part of any solution. In fact, all IPCC 1.5c scenarios feature annual carbon removal at the gigaton level — somewhere between [...]  Read more

USV 2022 Climate Fund

We are pleased to announce that we have raised a new $200M Climate Fund. This is our second climate fund dedicated to investing in mitigation for and adaptation to climate change. Given the state of the climate crisis and the [...]  Read more


One of the pillars of the USV investment thesis is “trusted brands”, and a core component of brand trust is structural alignment. Structural alignment means that from a fundamental business model perspective, the company’s economics and incentives are aligned with [...]  Read more

Lithos Carbon

Agriculture is both contributing to the climate crisis and being negatively impacted by it. According to the USDA, agriculture is responsible for more than 10% of U.S. greenhouse gas emissions. At the same time, changes in temperature and rainfall as [...]  Read more

Anthro Energy

From the electrification of end-uses such as vehicles and heating to storage supporting intermittent renewables, many emission-reduction efforts rely heavily on lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries. But today’s batteries are not up to the task. They are not designed to be as [...]  Read more

Blackbird Labs

At USV, we are looking for applications that can bring hundreds of millions of users onto web3. As great as the decentralized finance and digital art applications of web3 are, they aren’t likely to get my mom or your mom [...]  Read more