Electrification of transportation, heating, and various industrial processes is crucial to fighting the climate crisis. Of course that’s only true if we wind up generating that electricity without carbon emissions. Renewable energy, including wind, hydro and solar will play a [...]  Read more


Co-authored by Hannah Murdoch Ten years ago, USV wrote about how technology was changing the way people funded their ideas and earned a living. Investing in Kickstarter, we noted: “Creative people will continue to produce amazing works. We do not [...]  Read more

USV Algorand Transparency Statement, Q2 2021

As part of an ongoing effort to bring transparency and clarity to the Algorand project, we are continuing to publish regular transparency statements on our Algorand holdings and activities. Entities and financial relationships: USV has made its investment in Algorand, [...]  Read more


“Danger, Will Robinson!” was one of the catchphrases of Robot Model B-9, mostly known simply as the Robot, in the 1960s TV Series Lost in Space. More than half a century later, we have plenty of industrial robots toiling away [...]  Read more