Our Investment in Anon

In the original designs for the World Wide Web, there was a clear line drawn between the services people interacted with (websites), and the software they used to access those websites (browsers).  An important distinction was that while the websites [...]  Read more

The Primitives Protocol

For over a decade now, USV has been eagerly anticipating the emergence of “Web3” alongside “crypto”.  What we mean by this is that while blockchains and crypto assets are still viewed by the world at large as  financial technologies, they [...]  Read more


Existing electrical infrastructure is ill-suited to our current needs. It was developed for a world where we simply sent firm AC power from centralized power plants to end-customers. Today, however, electricity flows multi-directionally, as both AC and DC, and more [...]  Read more

The Fragmentation of Search

The market structure for Search is currently being reshaped. Horizontal and LLM-based “search agents” like ChatGPT and Perplexity are placing unprecedented pressure on search engines like Google. Cracks are beginning to form, from which new possibilities of search are rapidly [...]  Read more

Vertically Integrated and AI-First

Co-authored with Jared Hecht A new pattern is emerging that we are excited about at USV: entrepreneurs are upgrading physical industries with an AI-first and vertically integrated approach. Instead of selling software to industry incumbents, startups are increasingly deciding to [...]  Read more