CoverWallet, now an Aon company

Last week CoverWallet, one of our portfolio companies, was acquired by Aon, one of the world’s leading companies focused on insurance. CoverWallet was launched in early 2016 by its co-founders Inaki and Rashmi to reinvent commercial insurance by leveraging technology, [...]  Read more


When I was at law school in a prior life, Contracts was one of my favorite classes. The cases were filled with colorful stories of people who thought they had an agreement but didn’t, or ended up with an agreement [...]  Read more

Hiring New Analysts @ USV

We are excited to announce that we are again recruiting new analysts at USV. As is tradition, analysts at USV join our firm for a two-year “tour of duty,” where they sit on the investment team and work closely with [...]  Read more

USV Supports Extended Algorand Vesting Schedule

Earlier this year the Algorand blockchain launched and the Algo started trading. It relatively quickly became evident that there was a large supply-demand imbalance for Algos. This imbalance resulted from the combination of an overly aggressive vesting schedule for Algos [...]  Read more

The Education Transformation

10 years ago, in March 2009, USV hosted an event called Hacking Education. The team pulled together a group of operators, founders, and investors to talk about how to create transformation in education. Following the event, my partner Brad wrote [...]  Read more