Human Dx

One of the amazing things that the Internet has given us is the ability for people all over the world to collaborate. At times we use this for silliness (supercuts of animal videos on YouTube) and at other times to create important resources for humanity, such as a free, widely available, continuously updating encyclopedia (Wikipedia).

We have also made substantial progress with machine learning. A great example of this is recent progress towards self-driving cars. It was only 2004 that the DARPA Grand Challenge ended with not a single vehicle finishing the closed course. Less than 10 years later Google’s self-driving cars have completed over a hundred thousand miles on public roads.

So what if we could combine the two to get individuals all over the world to contribute and work with machines to help solve big problems? That’s exactly what the team at Human Dx is tackling in healthcare: enabling the medical community to collectively contribute knowledge to an open machine learning system that could benefit people everywhere. If this sounds intriguing to you, check out the team members they are looking to join Human Dx.

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