Work Market

We are big believers in the power of Internet marketplaces to bring efficiencies and new opportunities to people and businesses. And the market where this has the most potential of all is the labor market.

So we are excited to announce our latest investment – Work Market. Work Market is exactly what it sounds like, a marketplace for employers and workers to connect to get work done.

Work Market is the latest startup founded by serial entrepreneur Jeff Leventhal. Jeff has been working in this sector for the better part of twenty years and Work Market is his fourth startup. We love working with serial entrepreneurs with a deep passion for a particular domain. That’s Jeff and his passion is bringing transparency and efficiency to work markets.

Work Market is expanding their team and is looking for A+ development and product management talent (Java and PHP) in the Greater New York area; click here to see the company’s job openings.

So that’s what Jeff and his founding team will be building with Work Market and we are really happy to be along for the ride. Also along for the ride are our friends at Spark Capital who invited us to this opportunity. We’d like to thank them, especially Mo Koyfman who will be joining me on the board.