We are excited about our investment in Berlin-based Clue, which puts women around the world in charge of their fertility and their health more generally.

Clue does this by offering a period tracker and fertility app. We have been pursuing native use cases for phones, which are with us nearly all the time, making things possible that have long been a dream. One of those is gathering health data: over 2 million women around the world are using Clue to keep track of their cycle. Under the leadership of CEO Ida Tin, the Clue team has created an app that makes data entry so easy that it is nearly effortless.

Clue is growing rapidly with the apps available in 10 languages and users in 180 countries. The company is beginning to collaborate with leading researchers to provide the most value back based on the collected data. A recent release of Clue brings the total categories of data to 31, such as period, pains, emotions, sexual activity, sleep, energy level, exercise, hair, skin, weight and various birth control methods.

Here is how Ida describes Clue’s mission: “Reproductive rights are human rights: the right to freely decide whether to have children or not, how often and when, including easy access to contraception and the necessary knowledge about reproductive health, and the right to attain the highest standard of sexual and reproductive health. Technology can and will have a huge, positive impact on all these issues and Clue is leading the way. We have so many users telling us that Clue has become such an important tool because the app not only improves their daily lives but also helps them to know themselves and their body better.”

If that mission resonates with you, Clue is hiring for several positions in Berlin, which is a terrific city to live in! For more on Clue and the funding: from Mosaic Ventures, from Bloomberg, and from Ida on the Clue Blog.

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