We have long believed that the Internet is about giving “power to the people.” One way in which the Internet does that is by letting people show what they have created to the world. People do that in all sorts of ways, for instance by posting on blogs and Youtube.

This is a bit like “show your work” in school tests — by doing so you can get credit for it. On the Internet, new connections can then form on the basis of the creations as others discover your work. There are dedicated networks emerging that facilitate this approach. For instance, developers can show their code via Github, connect with other developers (in fact work jointly on projects) and in many cases find new work opportunities. For creatives, Behance has been pursuing a similar goal for years: show your work, connect with other creatives and find new opportunities.

We are excited to be investing in Behance as they grow the Behance network, enhance their Prosite offering and develop other features to support collaboration among creatives and between creatives and their clients. You can read more over at Behance’s blog.

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