Web services, like governments, don’t make anything, they just create the conditions necessary for their users to create value. Today’s largest networks have demonstrated this to be true. Passionate communities have been born out of services like Twitter and Meetup. Entire businesses have been built off – and on top of – companies like Kickstarter and Etsy.

It is almost impossible to measure the total impact created by large networks of engaged users. Platforms that enable individuals with different skill sets to collaborate enable innovation in a way that’s only possible on the Internet. Github is a great example of such a platform. We believe Assembly is another one.

We are thrilled today to announce our investment in Assembly, a platform that pairs developers, designers, and other creatives with great ideas to collaborate on the development and launch of software businesses and applications. On Assembly, anyone can submit a concept for an app or software product, and the community gets behind the best ideas to build them. Contributors are stakeholders who own their fair share of the products, and the revenues they generate.

It’s an entirely new way to design, develop and launch software projects, one that applies the values of Open Source to the founding of new businesses. Already, users from over 100 countries have come together to create products that have been used by over 4 million people. It’s exciting to see what creators from all over the world have built, and will continue to build on Assembly. We are happy to welcome Matt and his team to our portfolio.

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