USV Analyst Program 2022: Heads Up

It is hard to believe but well over two years have passed since Hannah, Hanel and David joined us as analysts at USV (David left midstream to start Primitives and Mona joined us). This means we are about to kick off another analyst recruiting process. We will open up applications right after Labor Day and will run a fairly tight process (applications will be due by September 19). For that reason we are giving everyone a heads up now.

We look to have a really diverse group of applicants. So please help us reach people who might not already be following all things USV. This post from 2019 provides a great overview of what the analyst program is about. Prior VC experience is not required. We are looking for motivated and curious learners. We prefer candidates with a minimum of two years of work experience, but prior VC experience is not required.

Analysts at USV are integral members of the investment team, taking an active part in Monday meetings and participating in every aspect of the USV investment process. For example, here are recent blog posts written by Hannah, Hanel, and Mona. The USV analyst program is extremely flexible, letting people discover and pursue interests related to our investment theses.

Please help us spread the word. The application process will be launched with another blog post right after Labor Day.