USV Analyst Program 2022

As we pre-announced a week ago, the time has come again for a new USV analyst cohort. This blog post lays out what the USV analyst program is and how you apply for it, including FAQs that we will update occasionally as the process unfolds.

Analysts at USV are an integral part of our investment team. They engage in all USV investing activities, including writing blog posts that develop thesis ideas, meeting with founders and teams, doing due diligence, participating actively in the Monday meeting and other USV team meetings, supporting the portfolio and more. We are a small firm (our entire team including analysts is less than 20 people) which means that the analyst job doesn’t have a lot of structure to it, unlike say an investment banking program. We are generalists working across software, web3, and climate investing. Depending on your background, the role comes with a steep learning curve and requires a lot of initiative. More than any specific experience, we look for people who have deep curiosity and passion for exploring new ideas.

As in prior years we are running a completely open application process. There is no inside track for people with connections. The application is fairly involved as it includes 4 written answers and 2 recorded videos. Given the volume of applicants we expect to receive we are keeping the process very tight. All applications must be received by Monday, September 19th, 2022 at 5pm Eastern Time. There will be no exceptions. We will attempt to review all applications by the end of October. From the initial submissions, we’ll select a smaller group for phone/video interviews and then a set of finalists for in-person meetings. We currently expect the process to be finished by December and candidates should be available to start work in January of 2023 in New York City.

Start the Application

Below is a list of frequently asked questions, which we will occasionally update.

  1. How long is the analyst program?
    2 years
  2. What do analysts do after the program?
    Past analysts have joined other venture firms, gone to startups, founded their own companies and funds, and entered government.
  3. By when will you make offers?
    We expect to make offers in December 2022. Applicants should be available to start work in January of 2023 in NYC.
  4. How many analysts are you recruiting?
    Either two or three new analysts.
  5. Do analysts work with a specific partner?
    Each analyst will primarily support 1-2 partners but work collaboratively across the entire team. Everyone spends meaningful time on all three domains: software, web3, and climate.
  6. What prior experience/education is required?
    We don’t have any specific requirements but have a preference for applicants with a couple of years of work experience. No previous venture capital experience is required.
  7. Can foreign nationals apply?
    Unfortunately we can only consider applicants who already have a US work permit.
  8. What makes a good analyst?
    A high degree of curiosity, interest in learning new topics and skills, working well in teams, being a self starter.
  9. Where is the position based?
    Analysts are expected to be based in NYC for the duration of their time at USV. Our team is largely, though not exclusively, in our office in Union Square.
  10. What does USV invest in?
    USV manages three funds at a time—a core fund which invests in early stage (primarily seed and series A) opportunities in software and web3; an opportunity fund where we invest in opportunities both in and out of the existing portfolio; a climate fund. All investment team members invest across these funds. USV is a thesis-driven firm and believes in thinking in public—you can read a lot about our evolving theses and portfolio at
  11. How do I apply?
    By submitting an application.