Nice To Meet You

Back in October I read a blog post penned by my now colleague Bethany Crystal about the launch of the USV Talent Network. At the time, I was consulting the French government on how they could attract more American growth stage talent to work at the most promising French startups. I sent a cold email over USV’s way explaining what I was up to and asking if they’d like to chat about talent, networks, and so on. Bethany responded with an enthusiastic yes and a job description of a new role she was hiring for.

Now here I am, just a few months later, penning my own blog post and introducing myself to you as the new Network Programs Manager at USV. So hey there! My name is Matt Cynamon (pronounced like the spice). I’ve spent my entire career in and around tech startups in the United States and abroad. I’ve launched two companies, and joined another that I helped grow from a handful of employees to a $400 million+ exit. Outside of work, I teach a class on how to get a job at a startup, I make mediocre, amateur films, and I spend as much time as possible in Prospect Park.

As the new Network Program Manager I’ll be launching some initiatives that unlock the value of the USV extended network (talent, alumni, partners, etc) to our portfolio of 75+ companies. I’ve been a massive admirer of USV since I moved to New York in 2009 and feel incredibly humbled to be doing my small part in bringing this network a little closer together. So, if you’re interested in working within our portfolio then check out all the open listings here and if you have ideas for how to improve the USV network don’t be afraid to reach out – [email protected]. As is a testament to my being here, you never know where a friendly email might lead. You can find me on twitter @mattcynamon.

P.S. If you’re curious where our heads are at, here’s a list of books I’ve been reading to prepare for the work ahead.