Hey Everyone –

I’m Zach, one of the new analysts at USV. I’m excited to be a part of this team and eager to find and support entrepreneurs on their quests to innovate.  

I started my career at BlackRock, where I worked with institutional clients to better allocate their defined contribution assets (retirement savings). Then, I was bitten by the startup bug and joined MyPizza—now Slice—as the first business hire. Slice provides independent pizzerias with technology and consumers with the ability to order from their local pizzerias. While working as a business analyst, the role took me from downtown meetings at pizza joints all the way to our Macedonia offices to work with the operations teams.

I then transitioned to product management, spending time on consumer-facing and operations products. My excitement for providing (often) non-technical pizzeria owners with a modern toolset to operate in the digital age aligns with USV’s Thesis 3.0. I’m looking forward to exploring consumer businesses that broaden toolsets and the back-end SaaS companies that enable them.

Outside of work, I like to think about how and why people make decisions, play chess, and experiment with weird food combinations that should be considered delicacies (Diet Coke finally took my advice and mixed with orange juice). I used to believe I had a chance at being the next Patrick Ewing, but I’ve resigned to weekend open gyms for now.

I look forward to chatting with as many of you as I can and feel free to ping me for pizza recommendations while my taste buds are still fresh.

Please say hello @zgoldstein1 (disclaimer: I’m new to the Twitter game, so any tips are appreciated and all mistakes are my own). Or, get in touch the old-fashioned way with an email to zach AT usv DOT com.