Hiring New Analysts (Update 1)

A quick update on our analyst hiring process. We received 326 applications. Andy and I have so far reviewed 190 of those and plan to complete that initial review by the end of next weekend. We will contact everyone with next steps the week of February 26th.

We had asked a valuation question and gave people a choice of writing about Twitter, Snap, Bitcoin or Ethereum. Here is the breakdown of what people chose (the total does not add up to 326 because, well, not everyone followed the instructions).

Number of Responses

And here is how the applicant pool comes out on their valuations:

Percentage Overvalued / Undervalued

It has been fascinating to read the valuation rationales. Especially for the valuation of crypto currencies, people took widely divergent approaches, including at least one based on volatility that I had never seen before.