11 Years of the USV Investment Team

As part of our (currently open) analyst hiring process, we ask applicants to record a few videos of themselves answering questions about their views on USV, venture capital, and the web & mobile app ecosystem.

So, in the spirit of fairness, and in order to give everyone out there a better view into how things work here at USV and where our alums have gone on to since, we decided to get in front of the camera ourselves.  

Below, you’ll find a video update from every staff member of the USV investment team since the firm’s inception.  We asked everybody: when did you join USV and how has your perspective on tech changed since then?

In chronological order:

Charlie O’Donnell – Founder, Brooklyn Bridge Ventures / USV 2005-2006

Andrew Parker – General Partner, Spark Capital / USV 2006-2010

Eric Friedman – GM, Expa / USV 2008-2010

Christina Cacioppo – Product Development Lead, Dropbox / USV 2010-2012

Gary Chou – Founder, Orbital / USV 2010-2013

Nick Grossman – USV 2012-present

Brian Watson – Product Manager, VSCO / USV 2012-2014

Zander Pease – Co-founder & Head of Product, Nomad Health / USV 2012-2014

Brittany Laughlin – Founding Partner, Lattice Ventures / USV 2013-2016

Joel Monegro – USV 2014-present

Jonathan LIbov – USV 2014-present

Bethany Marzewski – USV 2016-present

If you made it this far, nice work!  And if these videos got your more interested in the USV analyst position, please consider applying here.  Deadline for applications is 11:59pm Eastern time on Tuesday May 31.