Analyst hiring update #2

A few weeks ago, we announced we’re looking for someone to join the USV team as an analyst. We accepted applications for two weeks, until October 14, using Take The Interview.

We hoped 14 days was enough time for potential applicants. That might’ve been true, although it turns out most people preferred to wait until the end of the two-week period to apply. We received about 65% of applications in the last two days and over 40% in the final day alone.

Timing of applications for the analyst position

We’ve spent the last week watching the video responses, visiting the links, and getting to know applicants. It’s not hyperbole to say we’ve been blown away.

We’re aiming to complete an initial review of every application by the middle of this week, and we’ll then reach out by email to schedule meetings. One unfortunate part of this process is that we’re getting to know and will meet some fantastic people – but we’re only hiring one person.

So we’re going to do our best to make interesting opportunities available to all who applied by reaching out separately to applicants. As a start, our jobs page lists nearly 500 opportunities at USV portfolio companies. If you’re in the market for a new job, please do check it out.