Introducing Albert Wenger

We actually don’t need to introduce Albert Wenger to many of you who are involved with Union Square Ventures on a regular basis. Albert was the President of and is on the Board of Etsy. He’s been at most, if not all, of our Sessions Events and Annual Meetings. Most importantly, he’s been a friend and advisor to our firm from the very start.

We are formalizing a role for Albert that he’s been filling for a good while already. We are calling it a Venture Partner because that’s the prevailing term in the venture capital business for what Albert will do for us. But frankly we like to think that he’ll just continue to be Albert and we’ll continue to rely on him to do the things he’s always done for us.

Specifically, Albert will continue to work with me (Fred) on our investment in Etsy and he will also represent Union Square Ventures on the board of our next investment which we have closed and will announce shortly.

We hope that we will find a few more investments that Albert can work on with us over the next year. He’s brings so much to the table. He’s been an entrepreneur, he’s run an incubator, he’s been a CTO, a President, and he’s in the middle of starting another company with his wife Susan. If that doesn’t sound like a dream resume for working with startups, I don’t know what is.

Please join us in welcoming Albert to our firm. And if you have an interesting startup and want to get Albert involved, he can be reached through our office.