Job Board

Union Square Ventures is launching a job board on our blog. The board contains open positions only at our portfolio companies. If you are interested in our investment thesis and our theories about internet trends, then you would likely enjoy working at one of our portfolio companies.

We built our job board using a product from Indeed called Instant Job Site (IJS). IJS is a service that allow publishers to create job boards, which can be embedded on the publishers’ sites or just hosted at Indeed. The service is quite flexible; it allows full customization of CSS and header/footer HTML in order to give IJS the same look and feel as a publisher’s site. Publishers can set the price of job listings. If you are a publisher considering implementing a job board; it is an easy and robust option.

You can access our job board from the right sidebar on our blog. There is a text link to the entire job board, and there is also a sample of a few jobs that are currently open on the board.

We hope advertising on this blog the job openings at our portfolio companies will provide our portfolio companies with a highly targeted set of leads. If you are actively seeking a new job, or just curious about potential openings, please check it out.