Looking For The Right Person

We recently posted the news that our analyst Charlie O’Donnell is leaving us to join one of our portfolio companies. We are now actively looking for someone to fill his position.

We noticed while working with del.icio.us that their best hires were part of the extended del.icio.us community long before anyone in the company met them. The del.icio.us team first became aware of these people through their work on the web. Several had created useful del.icio.us extensions that demonstrated their understanding of the service and its potential. So when faced with challenge of filling Charlie’s shoes, we thought we would reach out to see if there was someone out there who is already part of the Union Square Ventures community because they follow this blog, but who might now want to become an active member of our team.

The analyst position at Union Square Ventures is a two year rotational assignment. We hope that after working with us, that person would move, as Charlie has, to one of our portfolio companies or pursue an advanced degree. The primary responsibility of the analyst at Union Square Ventures is to help us manage the day to day activities of the firm including,

* Deal Process Management
* Due Diligence
* Research/Market Awareness
* Limited Partner Interface
* Quarterly and Annual Reporting

The position requires technical skills including light web development skils and fluency in web services, blogging, excel, word, and powerpoint. But we also expect our analyst to be an integral part of the investment process, and someone who can bring the perspective of a potential user to our evaluation of web-based services.

So while skills are important, we are also looking for a candidate who has a passion for the transformative potential of the Internet. We expect that the successful candidate will be “net native” in the sense that they use web services daily in both a personal and a professional capacity. We assume that this person already has an online presence such as a service or site they have created, a social network profile, a personal homepage, or a blog.

If you are interested in being considered for this postition, please leave a comment to this blog post with your name, a link to your online presence, and a way to reach you. Please do not send us an email or a resume. We can not promise to respond directly to every inquiry. We do promise to follow the links and to get in touch if your passion for the Internet and your facility with web services is expressed through your online presence.