Those of you who have followed our history may remember that it was a shared angel investment in Dave Morgan’s pioneering Internet advertising company, TACODA, that led to the formation of Union Square Ventures, so we are doubly pleased to [...]  Read more

Protocol Labs

Protocol Labs made a series of announcements earlier today including that Union Square Ventures made an equity investment in the company late last year. We are thrilled to be working with Juan Benet and his team and excited to be able to share some of our thinking here. Read more


Union Square Ventures has made a substantial investment in Tucows, a 23 year old company company that has been publicly traded for over 15 years. Since we have never before invested in a public company, that requires a bit of an explanation. Read more

Veniam’s new round of funding

Our portfolio company Veniam announced today that they had closed a significant new round of funding led by Verizon Ventures. The funding will allow Veniam to deliver on the promise of "smart cities" by connecting thousands of vehicles in public and [...]  Read more

Introducing Koko

Last week, Farhad Manjoo of the New York Times mused in his column that the Internet was getting meaner: “If you’ve logged on to Twitter and Facebook in the waning weeks of 2015, you’ve surely noticed that the Internet now [...]  Read more

Introducing OB1

We have said many times that we believe in emergent, decentralized, start-up innovation. Institutions public and private, no matter how well intentioned, tend to protect their institutional interests, whether is it a current revenue stream, or a position of market [...]  Read more

Introducing Veniam

There has been a lot of talk recently about the Internet of Things. Some analysts estimate there will be 9 billion connected devices, from parking meters to thermostats by 2018. By then, that will be roughly the number of smartphones, [...]  Read more