Internet Architecture and Innovation

Barbara van Schewick's book, Internet Architecture and Innovation, is out and everyone who cares about the future of the Internet should click here and buy a copy. It is not an easy read, but the architecture of the Internet and [...]  Read more

A Threat to Startups

We believe that Google and Verizon's proposed policy principles to preserve an open Internet came out of a good faith effort to bring some clarity to the market for Internet applications and access. But we fear that this agreement is [...]  Read more

Web Services as Governments

This spring Apple, Facebook, and Twitter, made controversial announcements. Apple announced the terms of service for the iPhone OS 4, that restricted how applications developers could use analytics data. Facebook launched Facebook Credits, and a completely different privacy policy. And [...]  Read more

Introducing Tracked.com

At Union Square Ventures, we seldom invest in a company before it launches publicly. The exception is when we have the opportunity to back an experienced entrepreneur with a strong team and a strong product vision. That is exactly what [...]  Read more

Chris and Malcolm are both wrong

Many of you are familiar with dust up between Chris Anderson and Malcolm Gladwell that was touched off by Malcolm's review of Chris's new book, Free: The Future of Radical Price. [UPDATE: Free is no longer free. The link to [...]  Read more

Hacking Education

It has been two months since we hosted a great group of academics, entrepreneurs, educators, and administrators at our Union Square Sessions Event, Hacking Education. Fred posted his initial thoughts immediately after the event and in a great example of [...]  Read more