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Every new business quickly realizes that revenue coming in every period, on a committed basis, is the Holy Grail to survival and growth. According to many experts, getting new customers is five to ten times harder than getting additional revenue from existing customers. Thus, the subscription model (low fixed monthly payments) is rapidly becoming the norm for new products and services. Subscription pricing has been around for a long time for magazines, cloud-based software, and gaming, but now I...]]>
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I was terribly depressed when I could not get a job in Iceland after the financial collapse not because I was not qualified but because I was not Icelandic. It is a hard pill to swallow. Iceland has a racial discrimination problem, there I have said it. Rather than running away, I chose to fight it by building a sustainable startup community in Iceland so my daughter does not have to grow up in a community that treats people differently because of the color of their skin or the country they are ...]]>
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Are we ready for fully automated transportation? How many more dramatic "accidents" caused by humans before we start to accept that people are the largest liability (and cause of death) when it comes to transportation? I'm of course thinking of the plane crash earlier this week in the French Alps, but also, about AF447 which crashed in the ocean despite warnings from the computers, or about this 2013 rail disaster in spain when the driver was speeding much higher than the limit there... or about...]]>
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We might be on the verge of true crowdfunding, i.e., backing a Kickstarter/crowdfuned project in exchange for equity]]>
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Off-Chain transactions allow for the immediate transfer of Cryptocurrency between two parties, without delays or unavoidable transaction fees. Such capabilities are critical for mainstream Cryptocurrency adaption. They allow for the “Coffee-Coin Criteria”; under which a customer orders a coffee and pays for that coffee in bitcoins. This is not possible with On-Chain transactions today. No customer is willing to wait for 20 minutes for their coffee transaction to receive six public confirmations....]]>
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some legal definition.]]>
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Last year saw the birth of many new commercial endeavors aimed at taking advantage of the widespread commercialization of space to expand the number of low Earth orbit Earth observation satellite constellations. Satellogic (www.satellogic.com) recently announced plans for a constellation of its own satellites, called CubeBugs, after successfully launching and testing two satellites in 2013. Earth Imaging Journal (EIJ) Editorial Director Matt Ball spoke with Satellogic’s founder and CEO Emiliano ...]]>
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Engineers must try harder to explain what they are doing, because most end-users don’t like to try hard to understand something new]]>
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