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The whole concept of ‘One Universal Social Network For All’ is very intriguing.]]>
Are Jobs Obsolete? http://usv.com/posts/are-jobs-obsolete 2015-07-30 14:59:52.192000 @libovness http://usv.com/posts/are-jobs-obsolete http://www.rushkoff.com/blog/2011/9/7/cnncom-are-jobs-obsolete.html


"But there might still be another possibility -- something we couldn't really imagine for ourselves until the digital era. As a pioneer of virtual reality, Jaron Lanier, recently pointed out, we no longer need to make stuff in order to make money. We can instead exchange information-based products. "We start by accepting that food and shelter are basic human rights. The work we do -- the value we create -- is for the rest of what we want: the stuff that makes life fun, meaningful, and purposefu...]]>
Light 'em up http://usv.com/posts/light-em-up 2015-07-30 11:02:43.656000 @libovness http://usv.com/posts/light-em-up http://whoo.ps/2015/07/30/light-em-up


Like dark fiber beneath the streets that merely needs to be "lit up", the ubiquity of mobile means that there are vast, untapped networks out there just waiting to be lit up]]>
The adblocking revolution is months away (with iOS 9) – with trouble for advertisers, publishers and Google http://usv.com/posts/the-adblocking-revolution-is-months-away-with-ios-9-with-trouble-for-advertisers-publishers-and-google 2015-07-30 11:00:02.244000 @libovness http://usv.com/posts/the-adblocking-revolution-is-months-away-with-ios-9-with-trouble-for-advertisers-publishers-and-google https://theoverspill.wordpress.com/2015/07/30/the-adblocking-revolution-is-months-away-with-ios-9-with-trouble-for-advertisers-publishers-and-google/


"When Apple’s iOS 9 comes out in September, there’s going to be a dramatic uptake of ad blockers on iOS – and it’s going to have far-reaching effects not just on websites and advertisers, but potentially also on the balance in mobile platforms and even on Google’s revenues." ]]>
Introducing Quackpad – collaborative docs for teams using Slack http://usv.com/posts/introducing-quackpad-collaborative-docs-for-teams-using-slack 2015-07-30 10:57:51.274000 @libovness http://usv.com/posts/introducing-quackpad-collaborative-docs-for-teams-using-slack http://www.nickgrossman.is/2015/07/30/introducing-quackpad/


Led by Nick and Brittany, Quackpad is an internal project we've been developing at our USV Hack Days]]>
Resilience: It Pays — Medium http://usv.com/posts/resilience-it-pays-medium-2 2015-07-29 17:51:12.373000 @billmcneely http://usv.com/posts/resilience-it-pays-medium-2 https://medium.com/@billmcneely/resilience-it-pays-166053846ddb


This is a post about building and launching VetBox at North Dallas Startup Weekend 2 weeks ago]]>
How to calculate the virality effect / spreading rate of your application — Welcome to TheFamily — Medium http://usv.com/posts/httpsmediumcomwelcom 2015-07-29 13:07:42.368000 @2lr http://usv.com/posts/httpsmediumcomwelcom https://medium.com/welcome-to-thefamily/how-to-calculate-the-network-effect-virality-rate-of-your-application-bd0ba72fe5fb


In every application from which you can invite friends to join, there can be a virality/spreading effect. With applications like Facebook or Snapchat, it’s easier to track the dependencies, but the virality effect also applies in many marketplaces where there are referral systems like Uber for instance...]]>
Make Them Earn It http://usv.com/posts/make-them-earn-it-new-post 2015-07-29 10:04:43.551000 @mikecollett http://usv.com/posts/make-them-earn-it-new-post https://medium.com/go-build-something/make-them-earn-it-8fe98e67ec07


Top founders know a secret when it comes to hiring and fundraising: give prospective employees and investors homework and make them earn it.]]>
The Myth of “SaaS” | Sean on Startups http://usv.com/posts/the-myth-of-saas-sean-on-startups-3 2015-07-29 00:40:11.101000 @sbyrnes http://usv.com/posts/the-myth-of-saas-sean-on-startups-3 http://seanonstartups.co/2015/07/29/the-myth-of-saas/


Software-as-a-Service has matured to the point where the term has little meaning. Yet, it still distracts founders who aspire to be a "typical" SaaS business. Here is why it doesn't make sense.]]>