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There are some investments that take years to make. They are often our best investments. Quizlet took something like five years to go from a company we got interested in to a USV investment. In March 2009, we hosted an event we called Hacking Education. That was the official start of our focus on education. From that event came a thesis on how we would approach investing in education. We would invest in lightweight services and networks that allowed anyone to learn anything. We would not invest ...]]>
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From our friends over at Version One: "We put together a handbook, A Guide to Marketplaces. It compiles many of the insights we’ve learned from working with great marketplace companies and analyzing the industry." ]]>
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Many founders raise seed funding, work very hard and spend it building their company, only to realize they cannot raise their Series A. Most of the time, it's because they didn't think backwards.]]>
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"If people don’t understand what these systems are doing, how do we expect people to challenge them?"]]>
An Enduring Mystery of the ‘Gig Economy’: Why Are So Few People Self-Employed? http://usv.com/posts/an-enduring-mystery-of-the-gig-economy-why-are-so-few-people-self-employed 2015-10-23 18:16:14.832000 @libovness http://usv.com/posts/an-enduring-mystery-of-the-gig-economy-why-are-so-few-people-self-employed http://blogs.wsj.com/economics/2015/10/22/an-enduring-mystery-of-the-gig-economy-why-are-so-few-people-self-employed/?mod=e2tw


""The Pew Research Center has a new report today that looks at self-employment in the U.S. and its role in creating jobs. But the data in the report exposes one of the more perplexing mysteries about the modern economy: Despite all the discussion that the U.S. is transforming into a gig economy, the share of people who say they’re self-employed is declining." ]]>
Our friends, the bots? http://usv.com/posts/our-friends-the-bots 2015-10-18 19:07:20.710000 @libovness http://usv.com/posts/our-friends-the-bots http://nytlabs.com/blog/2015/06/19/our-friends-the-bots/


"The conversation about how to define the bot’s relationship to us really elucidated the idea that we are moving toward one member called “non-human mental models”. We are beginning to understand machine subjectivity in a way that is in keeping with its nature rather than forcing it into other constructs, like a person or an animal." ]]>
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"Some things we’ve learned over the past 30 years–that novelty is more important than quality; that if you’re not disrupting yourself someone else will disrupt you; that entering new markets is more important than expanding existing markets; that technology has to be evangelized, not asked for by your customers–may no longer be true. Almost every company will continue to be managed as if these things were true, probably right up until they manage themselves out of business. There’s an old sayin...]]>
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A detailed comparison of Australia with the countries in the EU and US, according to data retention laws and policies.]]>