B Corporation

Etsy announced yesterday that the company has become a Certified B Corporation. In doing so Etsy joins a growing group of now over 500 companies that includes Patagonia and Seventh Generation. We are excited about this as it fits well [...]  Read more

Funding Circle

The shift from hierarchical models of resource allocation to more efficient marketplaces is occurring not only in handmade goods or creative projects, but in the provision of financial services as well. New digitally-native financial services that use technology in ways [...]  Read more


A few weeks back, Ryan Bubinski, who co-founded Codecademy with Zach Sims, said to me that he thought learning how to code should be a fundamental skill on par with learning how to read or write or do arithmetic. And, [...]  Read more


Sometimes you end up loving something you don't want to. When turntable.fm launched, I wanted to avoid it. There was the Facebook login button that I didn't want to use. There was another music service I didn't want to add [...]  Read more


Stories have been with us probably as long as language has, and the need for stories appears deeply rooted in all of us. We have come a long way from quite literally sitting around a fire to sophisticated technologies such [...]  Read more


The Internet has been an amazing platform for creating and distributing educational content. Khan Academy has become the canonical example cited here but terrific free content is emerging from many different sources such as the Open Courseware initiative and even [...]  Read more


We are big fans of communities at Union Square Ventures. The partners in our firm have been investing in Internet communities for almost 15 years and we are constantly reminded of the power of the community. Whenever we are presented [...]  Read more


I have many locations on the internet where I can point to and say "that's a piece of me." There are a number of web services on which I output for my various modes of perception. The music I listen [...]  Read more