Behance Joins Adobe To Scale Creative Network

Earlier this year we invested in New York based Behance. We had known and followed Scott and the team for several years and kept an active dialog about the network of creatives that they have been building. As it turns out, we are not the only ones who believe that this will be an important network. Today, the company announced that it is joining Adobe.

As part of this transaction Adobe is making a major commitment to build out its presence in New York which will be led by the Behance team. This is terrific news for New York as yet another major West Coast company sets up shop here following the likes of Google, Salesforce (Buddy Media), Twitter and eBay (Hunch). Behance will remain an independent brand within Adobe and continue to focus on building out the features and scale of the Behance Network, now backed by the resources of a large public company.

You can read a more about what it all means over on Behance’s blog. Our congratulations to the teams at Behance and Adobe!

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