Ghost’s Series A

Co-authored by Rebecca Kaden Excess inventory is one of the worst-kept secrets in ecommerce.  Brands overproduce more than $500B of goods annually.  In categories like cosmetics, less than 50% of inventory is sold within a 12-month window.   Source: Shopify For [...]  Read more

Investing in Climate Adaptation

Co-authored by Hanel Baveja, Mona Alsubaei The USV Climate Fund is focused on companies that provide mitigation for, or adaptation to, the climate crisis.   Mitigation means drawdown of existing greenhouse gasses and reducing future emissions.  For example, sequestering carbon with [...]  Read more

David Energy’s Series A

Co-authored by Rebecca Kaden Energy is a real-time commodities market.  The grid must balance supply and demand minute-by-minute to avoid blackouts or surges.  Big changes in supply (wind stops blowing) or demand (everyone turns on their AC) threaten to throw [...]  Read more

Fiveable’s Series A

Co-authored by Rebecca Kaden Inequities in our education system are well-documented.  High-quality instructors, college prep classes, and affordable test prep materials are unevenly distributed.   However, learners in today’s classrooms don’t have time to wait for systemic change.  Educational equity [...]  Read more

Electrifying Buildings

This is one of several posts on new areas we are exploring for USV’s Climate Fund. Electrifying buildings will play a critical role in managing our carbon budget.  Nearly 18% of global greenhouse gas emissions are attributed to powering residential [...]  Read more

Hacking Education 2.0

More than ten years ago, USV hosted a small group of educators, entrepreneurs, activists, and investors for a day-long session called Hacking Education.  In summarizing that discussion, our partner Brad described the group’s collective optimism about the role technology would [...]  Read more

What We’re Learning About How We Learn

The rapid transition to remote schooling has supercharged trends in online learning -- it’s possible that 3-5 years of behavior change has been condensed into a few short weeks.  More independent/self-guided learning has required not only a re-thinking of curriculum [...]  Read more

Joining USV

Hi everyone!  I’m a new analyst at USV and am incredibly excited to be a part of the team.  Joining from Google[X], I most recently supported emerging technologies through all stages of development - from stealth user testing to financing [...]  Read more