Joining USV

Hi everyone!  I’m a new analyst at USV and am incredibly excited to be a part of the team.  Joining from Google[X], I most recently supported emerging technologies through all stages of development – from stealth user testing to financing rounds within Alphabet.  Prior to Google, I was with McKinsey’s office in NYC. At McKinsey, I worked on a wide variety of projects – such as how the future of work will shape social norms or how corporations can and should meet the call to action on climate change.  The common thread between these experiences is a desire to be on the frontlines answering hard questions and a pragmatic optimism for how technology can improve the human experience.

I’m eager to dig-in at USV because our thesis-driven approach matches my own research process.  My education in engineering and economics taught me to use data to prove or disprove what I believe to be true.  I am fascinated by counterintuitive insights about how technology enhances those qualities that make us most human –  our desire for connection, our capacity for empathy, and our ability to share. I’ve already begun to see this take shape at USV – in the way we collect our thoughts around topics such as the restructuring of education or consumer networks that foster a sense of community.  

I can’t wait to get to know the founders in our portfolio, or the entrepreneurs who might be new additions.  I feel especially lucky to do this from NYC, a city that continues to inspire and challenge me with its grit, creativity, and sense of opportunity.  If you are building a product that fosters trust or broadens access, I hope you’ll reach out. You can find me at [[email protected]].