The Historic Fund

We are proud to announce our participation in the Historic Fund, a new initiative supporting HBCUs in the United States. We have invited a number of HBCUs to be limited partners in venture capital funds without having to invest their [...]  Read more

USV Analyst Program 2022

As we pre-announced a week ago, the time has come again for a new USV analyst cohort. This blog post lays out what the USV analyst program is and how you apply for it, including FAQs that we will update [...]  Read more

Brilliant Planet

Co-authored by John Buttrick Of the world’s 2,000 largest public companies, at least 21% now have net-zero commitments. For most of these companies, even with significant emissions reduction, carbon offsetting will be essential to achieving their goals. In fact, all [...]  Read more

USV 2021 Fund

We are pleased to announce that USV has raised a 2021 Core Fund with commitments of $250 million. This Core Fund will complement our new Climate Fund and existing Opportunity Fund. This will be USV’s seventh early-stage venture fund since [...]  Read more

2020 Analyst Recruiting is Complete!

After reviewing 345 applications, interviewing 30 candidates, and inviting 11 to meet us in person, we are excited to announce that we have 3 incredible analysts joining USV in the coming weeks. We recognize that our process is a bit [...]  Read more

Hiring New Analysts @ USV

We are excited to announce that we are again recruiting new analysts at USV. As is tradition, analysts at USV join our firm for a two-year “tour of duty,” where they sit on the investment team and work closely with [...]  Read more