Business Model Innovation

I’ve shared my views on this before here at AVC. I believe business model innovation is more disruptive than technical innovation. A good example of this was moving from web apps to mobile apps, which was largely a technical innovation. [...]  Read more

Arweave Project Ideas

Earlier today, the Arweave team announced that they’ve raised additional capital in order to fund developers who want to build on Arweave through two new programs - Arweave Grants and Arweave Boost. People are already building lots of amazing things [...]  Read more

The Myth of The Infrastructure Phase

We are not in an infrastructure phase, but rather in another turn of the apps-infrastructure cycle. First, apps inspire infrastructure. Then that infrastructure enables new apps. Platforms evolve from an iterative cycle of apps=>infrastructure=>apps=>infrastructure and are rarely built in an outside vacuum. Read more

Minimum Viable Economy

One of my favorite things about the cryptocurrency / blockchain space is that our conception of “what it all means” is still very much in flux. Nic Carter just published a nice analysis of how the functional narrative around bitcoin [...]  Read more

Fat Protocols

Note: see the 2020 follow-up post here: Thin Applications Here's one way to think about the differences between the Internet and the Blockchain. The previous generation of shared protocols (TCP/IP, HTTP, SMTP, etc.) produced immeasurable amounts of value, but most [...]  Read more

Bitcoin As Protocol

We owe many of the innovations that we use every day -- from our favorite longstanding websites to the latest mobile applications -- to the existence of underlying highly technical protocols.  Endusers don't need to understand these any more than [...]  Read more