USV participated in a seed financing of Code, which is building a global payments app on the Solana blockchain. Code announced the financing today on their blog. You can see a nice visualization of the Code payments experience here and [...]  Read more

NFTs Have Evolved, NFTs Endure

USV started playing with NFTs in 2017. First when Rare Pepes were starting to gain some niche popularity and then again when cryptokitties launched. Shortly after that exploration, we invested in the team behind cryptokitties and wrote: We think digital [...]  Read more

Web3 Compensation and Hiring

This post was co-written with Tom Dils and Calder Zwerling. A version of the post also appears on the Variant website Earlier this year, Variant and USV conducted an extensive web3 compensation survey of our portfolio companies. Our goals were [...]  Read more


Today we’re excited to announce our investment in Chamber, a new service for securely holding digital assets. One of the challenges for crypto adoption is the perception that it is unsafe. Research by Pew found “75% of Americans who have [...]  Read more

Blackbird Labs

At USV, we are looking for applications that can bring hundreds of millions of users onto web3. As great as the decentralized finance and digital art applications of web3 are, they aren’t likely to get my mom or your mom [...]  Read more


For the original web to be widely adopted, people needed a web browser. This seems trivial today as every new computing device comes preloaded with one or more browsers. But early on this was a chicken and egg problem. There [...]  Read more

Bright Moments DAO

Yesterday, USV sent 500 ETH to the Bright Moments DAO and we got back one million Bright Moments DAO (BRT) tokens into our wallet. This is the third time USV has invested in a DAO and we will blog about [...]  Read more

Tokenized Natural Assets

This is one of several posts on new areas we are exploring for USV’s Climate Fund. Natural resources such as fertile land and healthy oceans are the ultimate foundations of the economy and civilization, and their protection and regrowth are [...]  Read more

Stacks 2.0

The Bitcoin whitepaper is now over a decade old and Bitcoin as a system has been up and running continuously since January 3, 2009. Much has happened in the crypto world since then, including of course the launch of Ethereum [...]  Read more