Today we’re excited to announce our investment in Chamber, a new service for securely holding digital assets.

One of the challenges for crypto adoption is the perception that it is unsafe. Research by Pew found “75% of Americans who have heard of cryptocurrencies are not confident in their safety or reliability.” Underlying this perception is a reality that holding digital assets is harder than it should be. There are too many stories of people losing access due to botched self custody or having assets stolen from their wallets.

There has been a ton of progress in how to securely hold digital assets but so far this has not been packaged up in a consumer friendly application. Chamber makes enterprise-level security available to everyday users. Importantly, Chamber does so without becoming a centralized custodian. Chamber leverages the security capabilities of existing devices such as laptops and smartphones (starting with iOS) together with onchain authentication. Initially Chamber will support ETH, USDC and Ethereum-based NFTs.

Chamber was founded by William Allen and Bryan Latten who met as members of the Behance leadership team. We first got to know them during our Series A investment in Behance. After Behance was acquired by Adobe in 2012 they spent a decade there launching and scaling various global products and cloud systems.

We’re excited to work again with Will and Bryan and the team they’ve recruited to build Chamber into a trusted brand that will broaden access to secure digital assets. 

Sign up at to learn more as they start to roll out. 

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