Arweave Project Ideas

Earlier today, the Arweave team announced that they’ve raised additional capital in order to fund developers who want to build on Arweave through two new programs – Arweave Grants and Arweave Boost. People are already building lots of amazing things on Arweave, and we cannot wait to see what new startups and projects get built and funded through these new programs. 

If anyone wants to try their hand developing a new project on Arweave but is looking for an idea of what to build, here are some ideas we have gathered that could be interesting startups and projects built on Arweave:

Security And Internet Infrastructure

Virus Signature Database

An open database of all known virus and malware behavioral and code signatures for anyone who wants to build any sort of endpoint protection or antivirus software. There could be an incentive layer on top for people providing and verifying signatures. A similar type of shared dataset could be built for shared preventing of spam and phishing. The challenge here is to how to do quality assurance on these submissions, but seems like an important project for whoever can figure that out.

Certificate Transparency Log

When certificate authorities issue TLS certificates, they must log that to at least two public certificate transparency (CT) logs. CT logs are run by large tech organizations as a volunteer service, no current CT log today can technically guarantee that the log is immutable and will last forever – it seems like one public CT log running on Arweave would be able to provide that at the benefit of the internet.

Public Key Registry

A phone book for the internet – there could be an online public key registry on Arweave, like the MIT pgp key server or Keybase. The benefit would be the immutability and being able to see the changes over time. There could be a closed client with paid features to support teams sharing keys for sharing secrets such as access credentials and passwords. This could be used to keep PGP keys for sharing credentials or for signing software, or public keys/addresses for different blockchains.

Developer Infrastructure

Permanent Record for DAO Voting

Somewhere there needs to be a permanent record for how important off-chain votes in DAOs and other open source governance went down. Feels like that could be built on Arweave.

Side Project Hosting

Developers pay hosting providers like AWS and Heroku every month just to keep their old projects alive on the web. With Arweave, developers can pay once and the projects will be hosted forever. There could be a service that helps developers deploy all sorts of apps to Arweave and point their DNS and certificates to it. Maybe that service would even custody the domains and certs and promise to keep them up to date and renewed forever too.


Syllabus Network

We have been excited about someone building a platform around collecting and maintaining syllabi for a while. Knowledge is a fantastic thing to store on a permanent network and so a syllabus platform could be built on Arweave to make sure it can be stored an indefinitely long time.

Online Photo And Story Archives For Families

A scrapbook that lives on for generations! Every family has stories and photos they want to pass on through the years, this could be a business that helps families do that on Arweave.

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