Tokenized Natural Assets

This is one of several posts on new areas we are exploring for USV’s Climate Fund. Natural resources such as fertile land and healthy oceans are the ultimate foundations of the economy and civilization, and their protection and regrowth are [...]  Read more

Augmented Reality NFTs

Nonfungible Tokens, or NFTs, provide a way to verify that a digital asset is uniquely owned and has specific properties, thus potentially giving the asset value through scarcity. This is a powerful idea for gaming because in many games users [...]  Read more

Synchronous Entertainment

It's kind of sad that HQ Trivia, a mobile live game show, is no longer running. This should be its moment. Much of the world has spent the last week quarantined in their homes and are unable to watch live [...]  Read more

David @ USV

I’m joining Union Square Ventures as an analyst on the investment team. It's already been an adventure as I'm transitioning into the role while the world deals with Covid-19. I’ll be digging into USV’s thesis that networks broadening access to [...]  Read more