Synchronous Entertainment

It’s kind of sad that HQ Trivia, a mobile live game show, is no longer running. This should be its moment. Much of the world has spent the last week quarantined in their homes and are unable to watch live sports as every league has suspended play. Currently, the news is the only live event we are experiencing together – and though necessary, that’s not been a fun experience. The synchronous lighthearted entertainment that HQ provided would be a welcome respite from the day-to-day boredom of quarantined life. While there will always be a place for asynchronous entertainment like Netflix & HBO, it’s already become clear to me that live events satiate a different need. 

Over the last week of quarantine, I’ve used live products more than I ever have before. This weekend, 150k people and I participated in #ClubQuarantine hosted by DJ D-Nice on Instagram Live. A friend had to cancel his in-person birthday party, so we all hopped on a hangout to toast drinks. Rumble, the gym I frequent in real life, began doing exercises on Instagram Live at 9 am every morning. The real-time energy of the instructors and live messages from other participants made the experience fun while also holding me more accountable than the instruction of pre-recorded videos.

People have used their time at home to continue to learn together. Our portfolio company, Outschool, hosts live learning classes online. My younger sister, currently quarantined in my childhood home, has begun taking a creative writing class on the platform. My coworker, Matt, has leveraged Zoom to host a virtual pizza making classNot Boring Club has moved their in-person events online – hosting daily lunches, meditations, and a trivia night. People are figuring out ways to connect virtually through fun and creative ways.  

I would bet more entrepreneurs are working to fill the synchronous entertainment gap society is experiencing. There are so many talented producers and entertainers sitting at home. I’d love to talk to the people currently building tools for those creators to share their talents live.