David @ USV

I’m joining Union Square Ventures as an analyst on the investment team. It’s already been an adventure as I’m transitioning into the role while the world deals with Covid-19. I’ll be digging into USV’s thesis that networks broadening access to knowledge and capital will win the future. It’s great to be here, and I’m humbled by the opportunity. 

I worked previously at Lyft as a Quality Engineer in the Collaboration pod. We built features supporting the pickup experience between driver and passenger. Before that, I dropped out of NYU to work at Snapchat on the Broadcast team building features around user’s stories and Discover content. I’m passionate about startups giving creators tools and the products that connect us.

Compared to the progress of television, the internet’s just leaving its black-and-white days. I’ve witnessed mobile devices shift communication visual, peer-to-peer marketplaces displace ownership, and quality content become marginal to produce while also becoming instantly distributable. I’m in awe of these transformations and am optimistic that a maturer internet will bring creative solutions to problems like wealth inequality, climate change and the achievement gap. 

I believe talent is more evenly distributed than opportunity, so I’m eager to learn the venture capital business and support a diverse next generation of entrepreneurs. I’ll do my best to scale my experience through blogging. I’ll be paying attention to augmented experiences and the networks strengthening human connection. Tech’s rebel spirit drew me to the field, so it is the misfits and troublemakers that excite me.    

Please reach out on twitter (@dgabeau) or to [david @ usv.com] to chat about ideas, projects, tattoos, products, etc. 😀