Free Learning

There is an aptitude test that measures creativity by asking people to name use cases for objects such as a paper clip. People who score in the genius category not only come up with many use cases for a paper clip, they [...]  Read more

Education Statistics

Julia Dahl tweeted an amazing graph showing how the number of people working in administrative roles in health care is skyrocketing: Julia [email protected] to @AnandWrites Only 9% goes to payment for physicians. The cost of physicians has not significantly increased [...]  Read more

Looking For Syllabus 2.0

Becoming a fast expert in a new topic is still a big challenge. There are a lot of open resources available on the web, but finding, qualifying, and navigating them--let alone combining them into a self directed system--is a challenge. In the classroom, the syllabus plays that role. The syllabus is a learning map. There's a big opportunity to reinvent the syllabus for the internet. Read more

Reinventing Education

Alibaba founder Jack Ma has announced that he plans to retire at age 54 and turn his attention back to education . He started his career as an English teacher. It seems, from reading the piece I linked to and [...]  Read more

Our Investment in Modern Fertility

Modern Fertility is building a trusted consumer brand in fertility, starting with their launch today of at-home testing for women. In the comfort of their own homes, and for a fraction of what it would cost at a clinic, women can have their key fertility hormones tested through a few drops of blood. Read more

USV Thesis 3.0

We believe we are still at the beginning of the opportunity to broaden access with the most critical implications ahead of us. As a result, we decided to revise our thesis into a third version: USV backs trusted brands that broaden access to knowledge, capital, and well-being by leveraging networks, platforms, and protocols. Read more

Top Hat

Even back when I was in graduate school, I found the price of textbooks to be high and their quality to vary widely. Now that I have children taking college courses, I was shocked to find textbooks that cost over $200 and are still large physical objects that have to be lugged around! The high prices and lack of innovation are the result of a market structure which has become highly concentrated among just a few textbook publishers. That's why I am excited to announce that USV has led a new round of financing for Toronto-based Top Hat, which last year launched a content marketplace for higher education. Read more