USV 2022 Funds

Co-authored with Andy Weissman

We are pleased to announce that we have raised two new funds: a $275M Core Fund and a $350M Opportunity Fund. The new funds will be our eighth early stage fund and our fourth opportunity fund, respectively.

We plan to invest our new funds around the same thesis as our previous funds: we are looking for opportunities in the market that align with our Thesis 3.0. We will continue to invest in both Web2 and Web3 companies and projects. We have made our first investment from the new Core Fund in Slope, a B2B BNPL platform that we recently wrote about.

We are also excited to announce that Samson Mesele, our General Counsel, and Kerri Rachlin, our VP of Finance, have joined the USV partnership in connection with the 2022 Funds.

We are committed to our way of practicing venture capital. We will continue to invest with a thesis-driven approach, and we will continue to publish our views on our website. Our funds are small, and we are active partners to all of the companies we invest in at all times. And our decision-making is collaborative (we do not vote).

We remain grateful to all of our investors for their continued support, and we welcome our new investors to USV.