Shapeways Expands Services for Creators

Shapeways has printed over 10 million different products. This has allowed Shapeways to hone its printing and logistical capabilities. Along the way, the team has also developed great insights into the needs of creators. We are excited that Shapeways is expanding its service offering accordingly:

First, for those who have creative ideas but need help with 3D modeling, there is a new service called Design with Shapeways which helps people find a 3D modeler.

Second, for creators who want to go beyond static models, Shapeways now helps develop customizer capabilities based on its ShapeJS technology. To showcase these capabilities, Shapeways is launching Spring & Wonder, a jewelry experience.

Third, in addition to its existing marketplace, Shapeways is now helping creators build storefronts at custom domains that are fully integrated with the Shapeways production system, including printing and advanced logistics (such as custom packaging).

All three of these new services are furthering Shapeways mission to help creators design, make and sell their products. We are participating in the company’s Series E financing that supports the rollout of this expanded offering under the leadership of Greg Kress who joined as CEO earlier this year. You can read more about the financing and the new services on the Shapeways blog.


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