USV Statement in US Telecom v. FCC Motion to Stay Open Internet Rules

USV occasionally engages in debate on public policy issues that impact the freedom to innovate and the health of the web. During the past year, we have advocated in favor of the FCC’s 2015 open internet rules (aka “net neutrality”) along with many members of the startup community.

Recently, several ISPs and Telcos filed a motion to stay the FCC Open Internet Rules. A group of leading web companies, coordinated by the Internet Freedom Business Alliance, jointly filed an Intervenor’s Brief opposing the motion to stay. USV’s Brad Burnham contributed a declaration to the intervenor’s brief, restating our support for the Open Internet rules. The full intervenor’s brief is here, and you can read Brad’s declaration beginning on page 139.

Upon review, the appeals panel for the DC circuit denied the ISP’s request to stay the Open Internet order.

As this debate and others play out, it’s our intention to document any public statements or filings we make, which we’ll continue to do here.