Hiring Update #3

This is a two-part update: first some notes on process and then some additional info on applicants.

We managed to complete a first pass of all 616 applications (359 for Analyst and 257 for General Manager). As a next step we will conduct 75 telephone screens (47 for Analyst and 28 for General Manager).

We will contact everyone and let them know where they stand in the process by the end of this week. There is no particular rhyme or reason to the order in which we will be contacting folks as the applications have been shuffled around a number of times.

Narrowing down this amazing field of candidates required a lot of tough and often subjective choices. As a result we are sure that some folks that should be getting a call won’t and vice versa (we just don’t know who!).

As several of you had suggested, we have some visualizations of the applications — kindly provided to us by the team at Jobscore.

First, geographic distribution. Here are two maps of the US showing where applications came from (apologies to the international candidates we are omitting from this).

For the Analyst position
analyst map

For the General Manager position
gm map

Second, wording. Here are two word clouds based on the cover notes.

For the Analyst position
analyst word cloud

For the General Manager position
gm word cloude