A Quick Update On Hiring

Back in May we published a post on how COVID was impacting hiring across the portfolio. On its worst day, our job board had only 750 jobs available, down over 50% from earlier in the year. With open jobs in the portfolio now climbing above 1,000 for the first time since April, we thought we’d give a quick update on where things stand. Read more

How COVID Is Impacting Hiring

As the longer term impacts of COVID-19 continue to reveal themselves, one area we’ve been paying close attention to is the jobs market. In our portfolio, some companies have newfound tailwinds and are accelerating hiring. Others are cutting back either [...]  Read more

Nice To Meet You

Back in October I read a blog post penned by my now colleague Bethany Crystal about the launch of the USV Talent Network. At the time, I was consulting the French government on how they could attract more American growth [...]  Read more