2022 DEI Priorities

Diverse teams build better businesses1.  To further support this statement, we have found that aggregating data from 100+ scaling tech companies helps many of them level up their internal processes and support levers. For example, in 2020 we saw that [...]  Read more

Network Leaders Program

Activity led by a Network Leader: Write 3 areas of interest around your face and draw lines to those who share a common interest At USV we believe in the power of network effects. This belief weaves heavily into our [...]  Read more

The Mosaic Series at Yieldmo

The terms “diversity” and “inclusion” have become increasingly paramount to CEOs, executives, managers and employees when focusing on the direction of their company. Included in the wave of frontrunners, a team at Yieldmo has founded “The Mosaic Series.” Read more

USV Level Up Series

As our portfolio grows, we can help make more of an impact if we leverage the power of our vast network. One part of that effort in scaling impact is to create an “ambassador-like” program. Our intention is to help [...]  Read more

USV Session: Building the Healthcare Stack

The USV portfolio network consists of 67 active companies with over 7,000 employees across the US, Canada and Europe. We believe in using the power of networks to help our portfolio companies build better businesses through peer to peer learning, external network relationships, and shared resources. On average we host 60 portfolio events each year and, in 2017 we are on track to host nearly 80 in total. Read more