Co-authored by Albert Wenger. Geothermal energy is a vastly underdeveloped resource relative to its potential; just 0.1% of the Earth’s heat content could supply humanity’s total energy needs for two million years. It is also a great source of reliable, [...]  Read more


Co-authored by Rebecca Kaden Even with the explosion of new digital payment options over the last decade, there is still a wide gap between the B2C and B2B payment user experience. On the consumer side, buy now pay later (BNPL) [...]  Read more

Mundi’s Series A

Co-authored by John Buttrick. Each year, Mexico exports over $325 billion of goods to the US alone. However, SMEs represent only a tiny fraction – just 10% – of this massive business opportunity. This is largely structural, as SMEs have [...]  Read more


Co-authored by Nick Grossman. Thanks to major advances in GPS technology and the proliferation of mobile phones, we are used to predicting the arrival of everyday items with incredible accuracy. You can watch a Domino's pizza make its way down [...]  Read more

Sofar Ocean’s Series B

Co-authored by Rebecca Kaden There are over 4,000 satellites in orbit around the Earth today. Enabled by advances in IoT and distributed sensing in the last few decades, these satellites help us do everything from GPS navigation to weather forecasting. [...]  Read more


The original paparazzi is thought to be Tazio Secchiaroli, famous for his 1958 photograph of King Farouk of Egypt sitting in a cafe in Rome with two women, neither of them his wife. The former King tried to break Secchiaroli’s [...]  Read more

Measurement in Market Making

In order to provide high-powered incentives in any economic market, you need an accurate and ongoing measurement of quality. For example, it’s difficult to imagine a financial system in which capital market participants cannot review audited financial statements before making [...]  Read more


In the US, medium and heavy duty trucks account for 70% of all freight transport and 6.5% of all GHG emissions. While emerging technologies like battery electric and hydrogen fuel cells have the potential to help decarbonize this sector, they [...]  Read more

Hacking Healthcare

In “Illness as Metaphor”, Susan Sontag wrote "Everyone who is born holds dual citizenship in the kingdom of the well and the kingdom of the sick...sooner or later each of us is obliged, at least for a spell, to identify [...]  Read more