Tech:NYC’s Mayoral Forum

Tech:NYC is the industry association for NYC’s tech sector. I am the Chair of the organization. I am excited about Tech:NYC’s work to bring the ongoing NYC Mayoral race to the tech sector. On Thursday, April 8th (tomorrow) at 4pmET, [...]  Read more


We have a house in the northeast United States where the summers are warm and the winters are cold. We have solar on the roof and we heat and cool this house with electricity. This is the electrical generation/consumption chart [...]  Read more


I do a lot of “bulk emailing” but I hate sending bulk emails. I prefer to personalize emails and send them one by one so that the recipient understands that the email came from me. What that has meant is [...]  Read more

Funding Friday: Sentien Audio

I wrote a blog post last fall asking for advice for headphones that don’t go into my ear and allow me to hear ambient noise around me. I got a ton of responses and that led me to bone-conducting headphones. [...]  Read more


Most venture capital funds have a “recycling” provision that allows them to sell some percentage of their investments and reinvest those funds back into new investments instead of distributing that capital to their limited partners. There is no standard recycling [...]  Read more

Volunteer At TEALS NYC

TEALS is a longstanding program supported by Microsoft where software engineers assist in computer science instruction in K12 schools. I have been blogging about and advocating TEALS for over eight years now . TEALS came to NYC in 2013 and [...]  Read more

Staying Positive

One of the gifts that I got was the ability to stay positive. I am grateful to my parents, my wife, and my genes (and anyone else responsible too). It is such a superpower. I don’t just mean optimism. I [...]  Read more

Funding Friday: Vanishing Asia

Kevin Kelly , who has been an editor at Wired and Whole Earth Review, is funding this book project on Kickstarter . He is attempting to capture the many cultures in Asia that are disappearing with modernization. I backed the [...]  Read more