Crypto, Social?

When you really think about it, isn’t crypto kind of an amazing platform to build social products on? Crypto is public, global and gamified by default, and commerce, identity and ownership are all built in from the get go. (How [...]  Read more

Consumer Crypto Product Ideas

A friend just emailed to ask about requests for crypto products - what products am I excited to see in crypto that I haven’t seen yet? This is such a fun question. Here is my list that I sent back [...]  Read more


We are excited to be welcoming Wren to the USV portfolio. We first came across Wren while navigating the confusing process of purchasing carbon offsets for our firm’s travel. We found Wren to be one of the most clear and [...]  Read more

Let’s Play Algoriddle

Last week Algorand launched the ability for developers to write programs on Algorand that manage the logic of Algorand wallets and assets. I’ve been tracking this Algorand feature for a while and was excited to finally get to test it [...]  Read more

Global Mystery Inc.

My latest project is like a detective agency, only way geekier. You can submit mysteries at globalmysteryinc.com and Global Mystery Inc. will kick off a global search for the best explanation of your mystery. People have already started submitting such [...]  Read more

Welcoming Arweave To USV

We are thrilled to be welcoming the Arweave team to the USV portfolio. Part of USV’s most recent investment thesis is about investing in companies that broaden access to knowledge and Arweave is doing exactly that by building a self-sustaining, [...]  Read more

My Latest Weekend Project: An NFT Gallery On Twitter

NFTs are so fun. This weekend I build a little chrome extension that shows you people’s NFTs when you view their profiles on twitter. Here’s the chrome extension: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/nft-gallery/ljfflmadhmibadcpalggnaejfibjghfl People have the best collection of NFTs. Here are some favorites [...]  Read more

Fun With Google Ngram

This is fun. Here is a chart showing how at the turn of the 20th century, the number of mentions of “science” in books surpasses the number of mentions of “religion”. Read more