Crypto, Social?

When you really think about it, isn’t crypto kind of an amazing platform to build social products on? Crypto is public, global and gamified by default, and commerce, identity and ownership are all built in from the get go. (How fun is that!) So we wonder, just like how the cloud enabled new types of digital experiences, or how smartphones enabled new types of location-based experiences, could crypto be a platform that enables new types of social experiences? Is it maybe even possible that the next big breakout category of crypto apps could be something that resembles the type of “weirder, rawer and more meaningful” social products described in the blog post Rebecca published on Friday?

Of course, the DeFi category has really taken off in a major way – the total value locked in ETH DeFi contracts recently surpassed $1B. We believe that Finance 2.0 may lead and Web 3.0 may follow, and so as we look to what’s next in end-user crypto apps, we do wonder if social apps are another emerging category to closely watch. 

Below is a short and little-bit silly internal deck we’ve been riffing on recently. We’re so curious to know: what do you all think? If you’re building something like this, we’d love to see, and if you have thoughts we’d love to hear: