USV and the Climate Crisis

As we start a new decade it is worth examining our investment thesis. We continue to be convinced that our current focus on broadening access to knowledge, capital and wellbeing will help us surface promising opportunities. There is, however, also [...]  Read more

The 2010s: Stuck in the Past

On this last day of the 2010s here is a recap with a single theme: we are fighting the battles of the past instead of inventing the future. We are doing that at a time when humanity is facing an [...]  Read more

Cleaning Up

I am spending the last two days of the decade cleaning up. We moved into our current place about 8 years ago and have accumulated a lot of stuff during that time period. It will be interesting to see how [...]  Read more

Impeachment Vote

Today is the impeachment vote in the House of Representatives. It will be fascinating to see if any Republicans at all will support impeachment in the House. In an extraordinary display of abdication of any allegiance to the United States [...]  Read more

Electricity and the Climate Crisis

In order to understand solutions to the climate crisis , including the potential role of nuclear energy , it is essential to understand our current and future demand and supply of electricity. There are of course entire books that have [...]  Read more

On Growth

The word “growth” has become one of the focal points of the climate crisis debate. There are those who are worried that pricing carbon will slow down economic growth. And there are those who believe that the only way we [...]  Read more