Thinking About AI

I am writing this post to organize and share my thoughts about the extraordinary progress in artificial intelligence over the last years and especially the last few months (link to a lot of my prior writing ). First, I want [...]  Read more

India Impressions (2023)

I just returned from a week-long trip to India. Most of this trip was meeting entrepreneurs and investors centered around spending time with the team from Bolt in Bangalore (a USV portfolio company). This was my second time in India, [...]  Read more

Building Out the Climate Capital Stack

Co-authored by Mona We recently announced that we have started to invest from our second climate fund. Much like our first climate fund this is an early stage fund, making initial investments at the seed and Series A stages. Generally [...]  Read more

Termination Shock (Book Review)

Over vacation I read Termination Shock by Neal Stephenson . Unlike many other recent books tackling the climate crisis , it is entirely focused on the controversial issue of geoengineering through solar radiation modification (SMR). The basic idea of SMR [...]  Read more

A Philosophical Start to 2023

We are once again at a transition moment in history. Where our journey goes from here could be exceptionally good or absurdly bad. This mirrors past moments, such as the transition into the Agrarian Age, which gave us early high [...]  Read more

The Eutopian Network State

If you are not familiar with it, I encourage you to check out the Network State Project . The basic idea is to form new states online first, with an eventual goal of controlling land in the real world. While [...]  Read more

My Super Short Twitter Wishlist

Elon Musk has successfully acquired Twitter . Many people seem convinced he will ruin it in short order. And while that’s of course conceivable, it is also possible that he will fix some long running problems. It’ s not like [...]  Read more