I Miss Writing Here

It’s been a long time since I have written here. And I miss it. There has been a confluence of factors that have made it difficult. First, there has been simply finding the time. I have been crazy busy at [...]  Read more

Scale is All You Need?

Progress in artificial intelligence has come in the form of a bag of tricks, some of which have proven to be unreasonably effective: word embeddings as a way of representing semantic similarity; the attention mechanism for contextualization; self-supervised learning on [...]  Read more

Weaponization of Bothsidesism

One tried and true tactic for suppressing opinions is to slap them with a disparaging label. This is currently happening in the Israel/Gaza conflict with the allegation of bothsidesism , which goes as follows: you have to pick a side, [...]  Read more


I have not personally commented in public on the Israel/Gaza conflict until now (USV signed on to a statement ). The suffering has been heartbreaking and the conflict is far from over. Beyond the carnage on the ground, the dialog [...]  Read more


Today we’re excited to announce our investment in Chamber, a new service for securely holding digital assets. One of the challenges for crypto adoption is the perception that it is unsafe. Research by Pew found “75% of Americans who have [...]  Read more

Low Rung Tech Tribalism

Silicon Valley’s tribal boosterism has been bad for tech and bad for the world. I recently criticized Reddit for clamping down on third party clients. I pointed out that having raised a lot of money at a high valuation required [...]  Read more