Restoring Discourse (Won’t Be Easy)

My Twitter feed these days is full with back and forth on “cancel culture.” Much of it quickly reduces to bickering with each side assuming the worst possible interpretation of what the other meant or what their motives are. The [...]  Read more

Let Foreign Students Stay

ICE announced yesterday that foreign students at schools that only instruct online this fall (which includes my alma mater Harvard) must leave the US. I was a foreign student on an F1 visa and would have been distressed by this. [...]  Read more

Meet Clarity

Today Algorand and Blockstack are announcing that they are collaborating on the Clarity smart contract language . Clarity is a decidable (i.e. non-Turing complete) language inspired by lisp. I am extremely excited about this development and have spent a few [...]  Read more

Measurement and Venture Capital

“If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it” goes an adage that is often recited as if it were some kind of profound truth (misattributed to Deming ). And of course there is some logic here. Let’s say you [...]  Read more

American Carnage

Watching what is happening in the United States, my adopted home country, is incredibly painful. I have seen the last few days coming for years based on the ever more untenable income and wealth distribution combined with militarization of the [...]  Read more

The Social Media Triangle

“Two out of three ain’t bad” is the title of a Meat Loaf song but is also the idea behind triangles : situations in which you can achieve only two of three objectives. The classic example is the idea that in [...]  Read more


I have been getting a large number of requests for help with internships. Many students either never got one for this summer or had theirs canceled. My advice to them is: create your own. Figure out what it is you [...]  Read more