USV Analyst Program 2022

As we pre-announced a week ago, the time has come again for a new USV analyst cohort. This blog post lays out what the USV analyst program is and how you apply for it, including FAQs that we will update [...]  Read more

The Low Energy Trap

I recently read Joseph Tainter’s outstanding book “The Collapse of Complex Civilizations,” which I recommend . It should be required reading for all politicians. Tainter’s theory is one of diminishing returns to bureaucracy, which we are clearly experiencing across many [...]  Read more

The Meaning of Machine Creativity

For a long time there was a narrative that computers would only be good at automating routine tasks, leaving creativity to us humans. I never believed this because creativity isn’t some kind of magic but rather much of it is [...]  Read more

Progress vs. Categories

As humans we like to put things into categories. It makes communicating and thinking easier. Scratch that. It makes communicating and thinking possible. Categories go hand in hand with words as providing us with crucial compression of reality. Just like [...]  Read more

How Much is Enough?

I had lunch the other day with a friend. He has a has a reasonably high paying job in consulting which he sort of enjoys but would rather be an artist. So the question he posed was “How much is enough?” [...]  Read more