Mask Mandates Were Effective

Yesterday I took a day off after my second vaccine shot and promptly made the mistake of getting myself into a Twitter fight about the effectiveness of mask mandates (ugh, looks like other party deleted their tweets leaving only my [...]  Read more

Climate and Crypto

I have been asked how I can reconcile my support for crypto/blockchain with my concerns about the climate crisis. So here is a blog post laying this out. Crypto/blockchain is a fundamental innovation that addresses an important problems facing us [...]  Read more

Mitigating the Climate Crisis: An Overview

Late last year, we announced the USV Climate Fund. At the time, we wrote that “[m]itigation is working on the causes of the climate crisis through either emissions reduction or drawdown of existing greenhouse gases from the atmosphere.” In today’s [...]  Read more


Key to addressing the climate crisis is changing the balance in the so-called carbon cycle. At present, every year we are adding roughly 5 gigatons of carbon to the atmosphere*. Since atmospheric carbon acts as a greenhouse gas this increases [...]  Read more

USV Climate Fund

At USV we describe ourselves as a “thesis-driven venture capital firm.” For our core fund, we have been investing against Thesis 3.0 for some time. Over the last couple of years, we have been developing a separate Climate Thesis, including [...]  Read more

Stacks 2.0

The Bitcoin whitepaper is now over a decade old and Bitcoin as a system has been up and running continuously since January 3, 2009. Much has happened in the crypto world since then, including of course the launch of Ethereum [...]  Read more