Learning & Development at USV

A few years ago, in a survey of 500+ employees across USV portfolio companies, we were surprised to see questions about best practices in management and leadership bubbling to the top. When we asked people what they expected to spend [...]  Read more

The Mosaic Series at Yieldmo

The terms “diversity” and “inclusion” have become increasingly paramount to CEOs, executives, managers and employees when focusing on the direction of their company. Included in the wave of frontrunners, a team at Yieldmo has founded “The Mosaic Series.” Read more

CEO Summits at USV

Prior to each summit, our CEOs submit lessons learned and current challenges, which we use to help curate breakout groups where they lead each other in conversation. By leveraging an “unconference style” model, our CEOs and founders learn from each other, rather than from us, which makes a lot more sense. Read more