Co-authored by Hannah Murdoch Ten years ago, USV wrote about how technology was changing the way people funded their ideas and earned a living. Investing in Kickstarter, we noted: “Creative people will continue to produce amazing works. We do not [...]  Read more


Co-authored by Hanel Baveja While we are not the first to point this out, access to capital in Latin America remains a massive challenge. Financial infrastructure and tools are concentrated on the top earners, excluding the majority of the population [...]  Read more


For most of USV’s history, we focused on investments in North America and Europe. We are a small firm and there was more than enough opportunity in these regions. We also gravitated towards companies where it would be relatively easy [...]  Read more

SmartHop’s Series A

The trucking industry is one of the oldest and most interesting in the US. It is also one I’ve always been fascinated by--partly because, for a couple of generations, it was where my family made their living. My paternal great [...]  Read more

Our Investment in Possible

Co-authored by Hanel Baveja 91 million Americans struggle to access money when they need it, often resulting in excess cost and low credit scores. Sadly, this is big business.  This consumer group pays $106 billion in fees each year for short-term [...]  Read more

Patch Homes, A Modern Finance Company

In 2006 my friends Mia and Andre (pseudonyms) bought their dream garden apartment in Harlem for $500K. They had rented in New York for a decade and bought the apartment expecting to make it their home indefinitely. They initially financed [...]  Read more

Why USV is Joining the Libra Association

A new blockchain & cryptocurrency project, Libra, was announced today. Libra has been incubated by Facebook.  USV will be one of the founding members of the governing body, the Libra Association.  Libra is a stable, fiat-backed cryptocurrency that will launch inside [...]  Read more

An Overview of Blockchain-Based Universal Basic Income Projects

One of the applications of blockchain that we are very excited about is Universal Basic Income. While UBI has traditionally been imagined as a government subsidy, cryptocurrency gives us a way to implement UBI without the need for a government to implement it. We are intrigued by this possibility and are wondering about some key issues, such as the complexities around issuing new currencies and preventing fraudulent accounts. Read more

Welcoming ShopShops to USV

ShopShops is an example of our thesis around broadening access. It allows consumers to find and buy product from makers and retailers across the globe as well as connect with other users who share tastes and interests. Similarly, retailers can quickly and easily expand their reach to customers quite literally a world away. Read more